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No Benzema but a lot more of Rams!

It was a short lived speculation , but it still  had all the gooners talking about it.  Last week when rumours about Arsene hoping to bring Benzema to London surfaced , it came as a shock (because of Wenger’s frugal nature ) . All the fans were hoping Arsene would pull this off and make a bold statement to the other clubs that we can spend when we really want to.  There was hope because Wenger is capable of a surprise every now and then and also the fact that French clubs have often been his favourite hunting ground. Unfortunately for all you Benzema fans , the speculation is all but over.It seems highly likey that Benzema would join Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo at Bernebau. According to the French club ,Real Madrid have tabled a huge bid for the forward. Would anyone be surprised with that statement?  Benzema , who was also attracting interest from Manchester United , looks destined for LaLiga with a 6 year contract also offered according to reports. It is still not sure if Wenger was actually interested in the Lyon front man or if it was just a stupid rumor spread by the Newspapers. With Wenger quite adamant on keeping all his players and just bringing in one or two , it looks very unlikely that the player would be a striker. Unless our very own Adebayor leaves. Arsenal are really spoiled for choices in their attacking department. In other news , Aaron Ramsey has signed a long term contract at the club , which for me is a great piece of news. Ramsey is one player who could be the next Fabregas for us. He has a great vision for a pass.Also he is one player , the other being Nasri , who  doesn’t mind shooting from a long range ( Arsenal players are really not known for that. Are We? ).Future looks quite good , doesnt it?It remains to be seen if Wenger would make any additions to the squad anytime soon .But going by Wenger’s word he would want everyone to be in for pre season training. Lets hope we hear some more great news in the coming days . 

Also Arsenal released a third kit yesterday. I am not a fan of having 3 kits but i think it might be a good change to wear white and blue  ( for one or two games in a season)  🙂

That’s it for now.


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