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Can Wenger surprise us like Fergie ? Something to talk about on a boring day

Another Sunday, another day without real football and another day of transfer rumours. Does it get any boring? Well it could be a bit interesting if Wenger decided to buy a few players. I’m sure all ManU fans had their week made interesting with the signing of Michael Owen. Do we expect something similar from Wenger? He’s done it before. Last year , around the this time Wenger suggested there could be a surprise signing in the coming weeks …he did and that was Mikael Silvestre ( more of a shock ) . I’m sure all Arsenal fans would not want that kind of surprise this time.He hasn’t made any promises yet but going by his words he does want to have all the players in before pre season fixtures. So we might be in for a few surprises or shocks in the coming weeks. Surely Melo could be one, Lorik Cana , Naldo or Ribery ( I’d treat all my friends at Hard Rock café if he did ) , or how about Flamini?  Atleast the news papers now say that Flamini could be part of a swap deal for Adebayor.  Do you think Wenger would sign Flamini again ?We surely need an experienced head in the midfield. But could that be Flamini? I have my doubts. Firstly, Wenger wanted Flamini to stay and yet Flamini chose AC Milan. Secondly, Flamini made statements like “I love the club and would stay on”  and yet moved on within weeks of saying that. Wenger has always been a “No-Nonsense” manager and I’m sure he would have been hurt by Flamini’s departure and that could very well mean that we will not see anymore of Flamini at the club. Just to continue on the topic of bringing a former player back…. How about signing Patrick Viera? Viera has been linked with newly promoted  Birmingham City , but I seriously doubt that deal going through. He’s the kind of guy who could help Denilson and Alexander Song develop . I’m sure all of us would welcome him back , but should Wenger go for the gamble. Viera might still have something left in him and we could do with his experience and presence. What say?

  1. Gooner4life
    July 5, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Sure …Would love to have him back…PV4 will always be welcomed

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