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Arsenal go a step further in Melo’s pursuit.

The much talked about,rumoured,debated transfer saga may have moved a step closer to a fruitful end. Certainly the voices coming from Fiorentina  suggest that. Last week rumours about a proposed swap deal , involving Eboue and Melo surfaced. Its become quite clear that Arsenal are not keen on paying the £21m asking price for the midfielder. Also the fact that Fiorentina are keen on strengthening their back line might just prompt the club to wrap up a swap deal soon. It works for Arsenal since Eboue has become surplus with the arrival of Thomas Vermaelen and Kolo Toure/Djourou capable of playing in the right back position. Also according to a poll on my blog and reading articles on other blogs I feel the fans wouldn’t mind Eboue leaving us.

The Serie A based club’s sporting director revealed ,in an interview  “ Arsenal have made us a proposal for Melo and Wenger wants to speak again with me. I haven’t one preclusion because I could also obtain an interesting part-ownership, so I don’t exclude anything, There is not one club that has offered the amount established in the buyout clause and there aren’t any meetings scheduled. I have no objection also because Eboue seems a valid swap.” , Corvino said.  

With Wenger looking to bring wrap up his transfer dealings before pre-season fixtures , it would not be surprising to hear Melo being presented as an Arsenal player in a week or so.  The robust midfielder would add the much needed strength in the midfield and help the back 4  and allow the creative Fabregas to go forward more often. It does have the makings of a good deal for Wenger but fearing the worst , an injury to Bacary Sagna could expose the shortage of a specialist right back among our ranks. I’m sure Wenger , like always would have looked into all these things and only then thought of making a move. “In Arsene We Trust”. Lets hope Wenger gets the man he is looking for and is able to propel Arsenal to the top. I for one will miss Eboue if the deal goes through because he’s one player who always gave his 100% when on field . One more thing for sure ,  we’ll miss his weird/funny goal celebrations if he leaves us.

More about the deal as an when it progresses.

Cheers ! 🙂

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  1. LRV
    July 7, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    If we had a specialist Right-Back back-up for Sagna, I would have called it a brilliant deal but we don’t. Toure is not a Right Back, neither is Djourou. Sagna got injured in 2007/2008, Eboue was not available to take his place. What happened after that? We conceded the league as well as 2nd spot. There are other preferred alternative to giving Eboue away in such a manner as will leave us short. Why not consider Veloso? Is he out of our reach? He is a bloody good DM. I don’t want to mention Cana. I do not know enough about him. Some say he might get plenty of yellow & red cards; maybe!

    I just don’t want us to put ourselves at a disadvantage. Let’s explore other options first. To assure ‘FLAMONEY’, we lost Diarra. Look what Diarra has become. What did ‘FLAMONEY’ do? Went ‘FLaming After MoNey’; that’s what. Think carefully!!!!!

  2. ardentgooner
    July 7, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    I kind of agree with that…we need a specialist rb back up for sagna in the team…..but i think wenger has got it all chalked out…..and m sure he doesn’t want to think back and repent on it later so he will have a back up.

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