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Is it a blessing in disguise?

            Well there’s atleast some activity going on at Arsenal. Unfortunately its not in the transfer market but in the board room.Day before yesterday the board rejected a propsal from Usmanov which would have helped generate some cash for Wenger to spend and yesterday Stan Kroenke increased his stake in the club. This not only makes him the largest shareholder at 28.58% but it also puts him in pole position for making a formal take-over bid. With the “lock down” agreement in place i don’t see that happening anytime soon but it might just be a matter of time.Although both Stan and Usmanov have come out and said that they have no intention of acquiring the remaining shares and takeover,but we all know what these businessmen have in mind.

          Are Arsenal ready for it ? Should we also follow other clubs and have one owner and make it a business like others? Ofcourse any manager would want to have some cash to spend in the transfer market and even Wenger would have atleast thought of accepting Usmanov’s £60m before the board decided to reject the proposal. A takeover might just be a blessing in disguise for the club as it could very well mean more cash in hand for buying players and we might just see some ‘big-name’ signings.It would attract alot of players and it could mean more trophies and more revenue. Also this revenue could be used to write off some debt and invest some in the club itself.Surely if we want to continue to be counted as a big club we need trophies and money. Its the only way we will be able to compete with the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester City in future.

          The game is changing fast and its money which is the catalyst for this change.It might not be long before Stan or Usmanov takeover the club. Its a gamble which could payoff as in Chelsea’s case or it could back fire as in Newcastle United’s case. I hope its not the latter.But its something to think about for the men running the club.What say??

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