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Ade’bye’or??? Mark Hughes playing fantasy manager??

                  I wonder if Manchester City have a scouting system in place or they just go about a player based on how much he is talked about in the press. I am forced to think it’s the latter everytime I hear about a Manchester City target. Be it Carlos Tevez,Robinho,Santa Cruz,Maicon,Kaka, Messi,Buffon,John Terry,Adebayor,Samuel Eto’o,Iker Cassilas or Santa Cruz. Most of the players they target would be in any fantasy football team where you think about the points you are going to score and are not too concerned with the formation,tactics and impact of the player. Its certainly a case where Mark Hughes has a lot of cash in hand and has no clue of what to do with it.But If he’s thinking of a 1-1-8 formation next season he’s on the right path. 
              Leaving all that aside moving on to reports linking Adebayor to ManCity . Its just a rumour and nothing concrete yet but I would be sad to see Adebayor go, if indeed  the rumours are true.There are enough Adebayor haters and lovers across the world and I don’t think my words would make them change their stance but I am going to say what I feel (after all this is what the blog is about…) . Arsenal are bound to miss him if he decides to leave. Enough has been said about his low work rate (which wouldn’t  be a problem at ManCity with Tevez present) , his ignorance regarding the offside rule and his lack of commitment to the team’s cause or chances squadered before scoring. One thing we all forget is that this guy almost won us the premiership in 07-08 with 20 goals in the absence of Eduardo and RVP. He can score goals with either foot and has converted all his 17 penalties till date which shows that this guy can be really dangerous in the box.One of the few strikers who are not selfish and would gladly pass the ball incase another player is in a better position, I can’t think of an instance where he was greedy in front of goal and that for me is what a team player is all about.Also he’s brilliant in air, proved by the numerous goals he scores with headers and certainly adds a new dimension to our squad. There’s no denying the fact that Adebayor scores crucial goals and had it not been for his injury last term we would have seen some more. Wenger might use up the cash and buy a striker but I doubt if we could really replace Adebayor.Also he’s quite used to the EPL and our style of football and replacing him with some-one (maybe Chamakh ) who is not used to the English game or more specifically ‘the arsenal game’ could be a mistake. Adebayor is a proven striker and seeing the market, I doubt we would be able to replace him with one. Ade may not be a fans favorite because of his flirting with AC Milan and his ‘staying-leaving’ statements last summer but he’s gone on and made amends. I think his performances in the season before the last one did demand a pay rise. With Wenger talking of keeping the guys together and working, it might not be a good idea to sell him now.Personally I would not want him to leave and would give him the opportunity to regain his form of two years back . It will be sad to see him go…lets see how that turns out !!!
In other news which is a really sad one, former Arsenal and Celtic striker John Hartson has been diagnosed with Cancer. I sincerely wish him all the best and hope he gets well soon.

More as and when the news progresses.!


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