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Andrei Arshavin Interview.

AA- Back in training.

AA- Back in training.

Andrei Arshavin returned from his holiday last week and spoke about his 1st training session and life back in london on  his personal website.Here’s the interview…….
arshavin.eu: The preparations for the new season have begun. How have you spent your first days?
A.A.: I flew back to London on Monday evening and went to the base to fetch my car right away.

arshavin.eu: Is it easy to find a parking place in London?
A.A.: On the street where we live, I didn’t have any problems with finding a parking place that day. What did I do then? I was sorting out correspondence.

arshavin.eu: Letters from the fans?
A.A.: Not only. Several bills as well 😉 and other things. After dinner I went for a walk in the park in the neighborhood, made a call home and went to sleep.

arshavin.eu: It’s well-known, that you jog in the morning. Now it rains every day in London. Can it possibly stop you from jogging in the mornings?
A.A.: No. Although, of course, it’s nice to spend an extra hour in the warm bed, but I know that it must be done.

arshavin.eu: So, we reached your first training…
A.A.: There were a lot of youth there. Arsene conducted two exercises with the pause of 3 hours in between.

arshavin.eu: Why almost all leading players were missing from that first training?
A.A.: The guys, who were summoned to the national teams, will come back to club next Monday.

arshavin.eu: Andrey Arshavin could have spent one week in his native Saint-Petersburg?
A.A.: Basically, yes.

arshavin.eu: What was the most difficult part of the training?
A.A.: Two test-exercises when you run 12 minutes non-stop with recurring speeding-up.

arshavin.eu: It’s like two Cooper tests. Did everybody stand?
A.A.: I did.

arshavin.eu: What were you talking about with Arsenal players?
A.A.: About different things. For example, about our national team. My partners are sure that we are going to get the first place in the group, beating the Germans in Moscow. Somehow they think that we have already managed to get all the points. I tried to explain that there is a difficult match ahead with Wales, but they are convinced that we will easily beat them.

arshavin.eu: Andrey, Yury Zhirkov has come to London. Now there are three of you. Russians are coming?
A.A.: I’m glad, that there are three of us now. Who’s next? I think that Igor Akinfeev.

(This interview was given on 08.07.2009 and posted on Andrei Arshavin’s personal website  arshavin.eu )
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