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Remember……”Adebayor,Adebayor,give him the ball, and he will score”

Good Morning Gooners!



It was a calm and quite day yesterday when were suddenly stormed with rumours linking Adebayor to Manchester City. A lot of people logged in to post their views and a majority of them happy with the rumours. Its again one of those “Our sources believe…” and “ Our sources tell us…” kind of rumours so I wouldn’t be taking them too seriously. But seeing the comments online I was surprised at the number of fans who want Ade to leave and its encouraged me to write another article defending Manu or Baby Kanu as he’s called sometimes.There have been questions raised about his bad attitude (which i think is only being forced onto him by the fans..),low work rate and lack of understanding of the offside rule but thats just one side of it.Hate him or love him, he does score important goals and I would have someone who scores goals rather than someone who doesn’t but has a good attitude. We all forget the great things he has done and is capable of doing, given the support of the manager and fans.His performances, the season before, did demand a pay-rise which I think he duly got.Agreed that he is no longer a fans favorite after his flirting with AC Milan and Barcelona last summer but he has moved on, realized his mistake and tried to improve. 

Another thing about Ade which people forget is that he is a proven goal scorer and can score with either foot. He has converted all of his 17 penalties till date which surely tell how good he is in front of goal. Talking of chances he squanders before actually scoring, his goal ratio is still better than Carlos Tevez,Berbatov,Benzema and Drogba …just to name a few. What people tend to forget is that the guy almost won us the premiership 2 years back with his 20 goals in the absence of RVP and Eduardo. With Henry gone he took the role of the lead striker and showed he can do it.He’s 6ft 3 and brilliant in air with numerous goals scored by headers from set pieces and corners, which adds a new dimension to our play.

 He’s one of the few strikers who are not selfish and would gladly pass the ball to another player in a better position rather than going for glory themselves. Now that to me is a mark of a great team player which Ade has been for us in the past year or two.There’s no denying the fact that Ade scores crucial goals for us and had he been fit last season he would have scored many more. His goals against Newcastle United,Tottenham and Villareal are just a few of his great goals during his time at Arsenal. Add to that his hat-tricks and you will realize how good he is.  If you are looking for anything else he’s even the current African Player of the year.

 Having said all that, its quite possible that Wenger would cash in on the highly rated striker and buy another one.But I am worried if we can really replace Adebayor. Ade is quite used to the EPL and our style of football and replacing him with some-one (maybe Chamakh ) who is not used to the English game or more specifically ‘the arsenal game’ could be a huge mistake. With a crucial season coming up for us, I think selling Ade would be a step back and not forward. We might get a good deal considering £20m for the £3m AW paid for him in 2006 but to lose another player and get in a new one might prove costly in terms of results.Can we afford that after 4 trophy-less seasons?? With trophies required to keep all the players at the club it would be wrong to sell a proven and top goal scorer. If indeed he goes I am sure we will feel the blow..!!

 So what do you think …?? Have your say..

Elsewhere Spurs seem to have entered the chase for former Arsenal player,Patrick Viera….!!! Can the Spuds get any more silly???  !! And another good one today……Alex Ferguson has stated that he will not buy any more players in the inflated market…haha….So injury prone Michael Owen rounds up Alex’s transfer dealings… 🙂

Cheers !! Have a good day!

  1. Gooner4life
    July 14, 2009 at 9:02 am

    I think we should let him go if he’s not happy ar Arsenal which seems to be the case right now…But he is a good player

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