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Ade is doing it again??….And a round up of Arsenal News!!!!

Good Morning goners..!

Yes, Almost done, No not done, Going, Staying, Waiting, Going,Yes,Staying..No… !! This is the pattern of Adebayor’s summer dealings. Sounds very familiar…. I am really sad to see him leave but with City’s bid accepted and a deal on the verge of completion, reports of Ade considering whether to move or not have not made me feel any better. I have kind of resigned to the fact that he is leaving and i am happy that the fans will stop bashing him now. But now that he has stalled the deal is not helping him with his soon to be fans. He’s had enough of it from Arsenal supporters and with Ade now thinking twice about City is not making him a fan favourite at City too. Last summer he did stay with us and had to bear the brunt of most fans but now if he decides to stay I am sure he will never be able to kick the ball again . The fans are going to be so severe on him that he’ll lose all interest in the game and will never play again. So its better to move out of Emirates as soon as possible. I am sure his advisors would be telling him that and so its time for us to look forward to life without Ade.

With Tevez (sold ),Benzema ( sold) ,Dzeko (staying ),Pato (Staying) and Eto’o (staying) out of the picture, AW really doesn’t have a lot of options to replace Ade if indeed he is looking to replace him.

It could be a possibility that Wenger would use the money from Ade’s sale to buy a DM and believe that he has enough options upfront. But considering Eduardo and RVP’s injury record I would advise him to invest in a striker . Again I am not the manager and am probably never going to be heard by Wenger but its my opinion and i think it would be a wise decision too.

So here’s a list of strikers currently in the market and could be a replacement for Ade unless Wenger decides to surprise us and bring in an unknown striker from his hunting ground in france and turn the player into a world class striker (which is quite possible).

a)      K. Huntelaar                       (7.5/10)

b)      P. Crouch                             (5/10)                                   

c)       Alvaro Negredo                  (4/10)

d)      Pavel Pogrebnyak              (7/10)

e)      M. Chamakh                        (8/10)

f)       L. Fabiano.                          (2/10)

*(chances of signing)

Who do you want to see in an Arsenal shirt??? 

So that’s it for today about Ade…Moving on to other stuff. Arsenal’s pre-season fixture against Barnet has really got me excited with the prospect of seeing Tomas Rosicky in action. He’s a great player and could make a difference this season ( praying to god that the little mozart stays fit). There’s still a long time for the transfer window to close so I expect a lot more players linked with Arsenal and a lot of speculation about players leaving Arsenal. That’s the only thing going on these days so a pre-season fixture is going to attract more interest than usual.

 And a not so interesting news ,Melo has passed a medical at Juventus and all hopes of a last minutes swoop seem to be dashed. Anyways I had given up long time back.Other than that it’s a quiet day at the grove.

 That’s it for now! More if anything interesting crops up…

 Have a nice day. Cheers! 🙂

  All of you still venting your hatred for Ade read this : Ade bashing….

  1. kunal
    July 16, 2009 at 9:02 am

    I, honestly want to see huntelaar in an arsenal shirt. Also, with the money left, also get a defensive midfielder…someone like Lorik Cana =D

  2. July 16, 2009 at 9:05 am

    yeah..Huntelaar would be a great signing…..

  3. Divesy
    July 16, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Go for Huntelaar , he would link up well with RVP.

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