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Life after ‘you know who’

Yesterday was quite a day. With every post and article mentioning only one name. I’ve been so tired of seeing the name pop up everywhere that now I am just going refer to him as ‘He who must not be named’ or ‘you know who’. And I do agree with Wenger on the fact that the fans were responsible for the sale. It’s a shame to see our player ridiculed in such a way by so many fans. But again it’s a message to other players, ‘play or you will be kicked out’. Lets not talk too much about it now. He’s gone and we have to move on. So after the sale of ‘you know who’, Arsene has had the cash injection needed to move about in the transfer market.

Wenger yesterday made a statement saying he expects Tomas Rosicky to fill the void left by ‘he who must not be named’.I say How? Don’t repeat last summer’s mistake when we didn’t get in a replacement for Gilberto and Flamini. Last thing we need is our players playing out of position or filling gaps just because of Wenger’s belief.

Anyways down to my main point.As expected Arsenal are being linked to any available striker in the world at the moment. It’s going to go on for sometime until Wenger decides to buy someone or asks the press/media to F*ck Off and shut it. All sorts of names like Martins,Dzeko, Demba Ba,Chamakh,Gignac and Huntelaar have been linked with Arsenal as possible replacement for ‘you know who’. But I would be surprised to see just the one player come in before the transfer window closes. Ofcourse ‘he who must not be named’ moved to the cash rich club for an undisclosed fee but it would be safe to assume it’s in the region of £22m-£25m. The last time Wenger made such profit on a transfer was of Le Sulk or Nicolas Anelka,for those who didn’t know. Having bought Anelka for £500,000 and sold for £22.5m (to Real Madrid if you were still guessing ) within two years just proved the kind of master Wenger is at economics.  The money in turn was used to fund the transfer of Thierry Henry, Robert Pires and Sylvain Wiltord. I don’t need to say anything more about the three players because we all know what they did for the club. The three were instrumental in the 2001-02 double and 2003-04 league title.

So can we expect something same? Its kind of 50-50. A yes and no both.  No  because the money from ‘you know who’s’ transfer is not huge considering the inflated market this summer. There is no way we could get 3 great players in that amount. But it could be a Yes, if Wenger thinks he has enough striking power which might just make him think that he does not need a world class striker. This means he could spend the amount on a relatively unknown and cheap striker like Chamakh or Gignac  for back up and still have money left for other players. Among the other players I certainly expect a DM. Say what you like but we all know that we have not been able to replace Flamini and Gilberto. I feel that Wenger might just be able to plug that gap this season. I really really hope its Lorik Cana, for two reasons. Firstly seeing him play in a few matches, he’s looked quite solid in the midfield. Secondly he is also the captain of Marseille so he is pretty experienced. I wouldn’t want a Matuidi or Banega in the team because we have simply too many midfield players in 20-22 year category and we surely need some experience. Lorik Cana could be snapped up for about £10m which when added to £5m-£7m spent on the striker still leaves us with about £8m. That amount is enough for another defender because we do need some extra cover at the back. Considering that Toure and Alex Song will leave for the African Nations Cup,we will be short in that area come January. I wouldn’t mind if Wenger sells, the injury prone and inconsistent, Abou Diaby to generate more funds.

 Again I am not the one in-charge at Arsenal but it’s just my opinion. Going by Wenger’s words he is quite relaxed at the moment about any transfers but I hope he reacts and reacts fast. We don’t need another Arshavin like transfer (on the last day). But again I wouldn’t mind if it means another world class player, like Arshavin, joining the club. Haha..Now I’m getting greedy. So I’ll leave it there. Have your say, because that’s all we can do till the real football starts.


  1. SharkeySure
    July 21, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Decent article AG.

    I like a bit of perspective and balance in anything I read….not the hysterical hyperbole that some seem to spout

  2. July 22, 2009 at 5:10 am

    Thanks Sharkey
    you’ll get that kind of articles over here all the time…so keep reading 🙂

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