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Alex and Alex Speak….About Arsenal!!

Good Morning Gooners!

 First of all cheers to England for winning the 2nd Ashes Test. For those who are not into cricket, I’ll talk football. 23 days to go for real football to start, if you are not a fan of the Emirates Cup. So there’s still time for us to talk about tactics, rumours and the ins and outs of Arsenal and gossip. To begin with, red nosed Alex has a few words to say about Manchester City and Arsenal.

 “It won’t be easy for them to win anything, even with the players they have bought.”I can’t look at them as our main competitors. Liverpool and Chelsea are our main competitors.”They have bought a lot of high profile players but they have 10 strikers.”That is a hell of a lot. I have not spoken to all the managers but the one or two I have are saying ‘Who are they going to leave out?'”They have an unusual culture of not really bothering about money because they can use their name to write off debt. No Spanish bank will ever close them down.”Manchester City’s culture is about cash. It is about having money and using it.”

 For a change I kind of agree with Alex on this. Manchester City won’t be challenging for anything, this season atleast. At the most they might push for a Europa league spot or might even do an Aston Villa like 4th spot attempt but will miss out in the end. It’s down to 3 reasons. Firstly they have too many high profile players and I don’t think there’s going to be an amicable atmosphere in the locker room. Too much ego and money is a deadly combination which can only result in a downfall.Secondly they have not yet sorted out their back 4. Even if they add a CB or two I don’t see the back 4 capable of keeping clean sheets and wining games for the team. Thirdly there’s going to be too much pressure on Mark Hughes to perform, with all the spending, that a few bad results and he will lose his cool. So as far as Manchester City are concerned I don’t think they will break into the top four.

Also Alex did have something for Arsenal …

Arsenal have the biggest job to do because they have sold Adebayor and don’t seem to have the money the rest have got.”How Arsene develops his team will be his biggest test.”The one thing we know about Arsenal is that they will play some of the best football you will see and they will create chances.”They could easily re-establish themselves and challenge for the league again.”

I hate to say it but I agree with SAF on this too. He’s right. Arsene faces his biggest test at Arsenal. He has rebuilt the team, lost another key player and hasn’t won anything for 4 years.There’s pressure to perform and a make or break season for him. He does have the board’s backing but I can see them getting restless if AW again ends up in the ‘almost there’ category. So Can we win the league this season? I am not too sure right now. We are still 2 players short.  Add a DM and a CB or even a top class striker and I see ourselves challenging the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd again. So some more movement in the transfer market pleassseee! Use the money!! Use it now! 

Moving onto other stuff another Alex has been doing some talking. Alex Hleb has joined the list of players who have been resigned to obscurity after leaving Arsenal and he accepts that fact.

 “I regret my move from London, but unfortunately nothing can be done about it now“For me, Wenger was like a father. I consider him one of the best managers in the world.“For such a boss one wants to die on the pitch. Arsene managed to create a smashing team with a wonderful atmosphere inside of it.“I have no doubts that if Arsenal had the same budget as Barcelona, the Gunners would be among the three best clubs on the planet.”

 So Alex joins Flamini, Reyes,Edu, Kanu…etc. Is Ade going to be the next player in that list?? Your guess is as good as mine.  All credit to Wenger for making these players great. It’s about time these players realize its Wenger and Arsenal who have made them what they are. Except Pires and Henry I really can’t think of any player doing well after moving from Arsenal.  

 Just to let you know, the team is in Austria for a training camp and a few friendly games.

I’ll stop here for now, more to come during the day….

 Have a nice one.

Keep gunning !

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  1. kunle
    July 21, 2009 at 7:36 am

    This is just to remind that Kanu has been a great player before he joined Arsenal and he did not leave out of his own will but Arsene’s. Though age might be on his side again but you fault the fact that he came to Arsenal as a great player, left and still he a wonderful player. please to appreciate the little contributions of your past players cause upcoming players read your comments and they might act on it. And please tell Wenger we a solid DM.

  2. July 21, 2009 at 7:45 am

    He’s a great player and i loved him too!!! He is a good player even now but he is not that prolific as he was at Arsenal. I know Arsene let him go but my point is not many players reach the same level of success (after leaving) that they did at arsenal

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