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‘Its not always Sunny at Arsenal’

In my earlier post today I said I was frustrated about how things were going on at Arsenal and Wenger’s statements were not making me feel any better. So Wenger drops another bombshell.Another ridiculous statement from him now…

“Accidently he[Nasri] nicked the ball away from somebody who was just having a shot on goal. Unfortunately he got kicked and got a broken fibula. Not a complicated one but it will take six weeks to heal.The two options are Tomas Rosicky, and we’ll have Eduardo back in two months but you do not want to lose important players before the season starts.”

Okay so we lose Adebayor and Nasri in one week and we have a replacement coming after two months. Its making me think that Wenger has completely lost it. Yes,there’s been a lot of criticism about Wenger and his summer dealings but he’ll be absolutely murdered by critics if he doesn’t spend now. And hearing statements like the ‘kaka and Ronaldo’ one and this one today makes me wonder if Wenger is in the right frame of mind. Surely you can’t replace Ade and Nasri with a player coming back from injury after a year and a half and the other player not even on the verge of a comeback. It’s about time Wenger used his brains and money. Sure we have enough talent in the squad but we don’t have enough players now. Is he waiting till January to see if these set of players can do anything and only then buy someone on the last day??

Martin Keown said ‘Have faith in Wenger’. I did back in 1996…2004. Its diminishing now…..We are losing quality players and not replacing them.I feel he is concentrating too much on his youth project and ignoring the current situation.Even if he has his targets lined up why isn’t he making a move for them soon. Get them in and give them an opportunity to gel with the team before the season. Or is he thinking he has enough in his reserves to fill the void? I am not getting positive vibes from the Arsenal camp this season. It’s all falling apart and Wenger needs to react fast. Mr Wenger you will soon loose you ‘Professor’ tag and be labelled a ‘mad scientist’ if you don’t stop experimenting with players and actually buy some. We still trust you but that trust won’t last long unless you do something quickly.

Still long time for the tranfer window to close but its not ‘Sunny at Emirates’ this summer ( atleast as of now)!

Read this for some more  ‘Wenger -Do something’

  1. July 22, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    I like Your self am frustrated at Arsenal’s no buy policy,but put the blame were it belongs.Arsene Wenger is promised all sorts of money every-year,then We are told by a Member of the Muppets we don’t need to buy.This board is dragging Arsenal Futher down every season,1 week after Wenger said he was bringing in 3 experienced players – Grazidas is out with a statement saying We have enough depth in Our squad that it’s time for the young guns to start showing their worth,that we don’t need to buy!Alisher Usmanov, offers to under-write £100m debts,the board goes running to Stan Kroenke begging him to take a few more shares to stop Usmanov/Dien from getting more power.Now lets remind Ourselves,is this the same Kroenke who David Dien was in talks with to take a bigger role at the club – that would have prevented all this “CRAP” we are knee deep in now,The same Kroenke that Hill-Wood and the board called all the names under the sun swearing He would never get his hands on enough shares to be a major share holder at Arsenal.If they are so scared that they are begging Kroenke for his help,why did they get rid of the only man that was keeping us up there were we belong(David Dein).Arsene Wenger single handed is keeping Arsenal Alive!!!!!All the Hoo-ray Henries and thier over priced “FLATS” are the one’s that are ruining Arsenal.”BRING BACK DD and RESPECT ARSENE WENGER

  2. ardentgooner
    July 22, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    hey…that’s a really nice insight into the topic… hope to hear more from you sometime

  3. George
    July 23, 2009 at 1:02 am

    So basically you started a blog to whine and moan about the team, the players and the manager. Do you have an idea on how pathetic you come across with your tantrums?
    Take a break. Get a life…

  4. July 23, 2009 at 8:28 am

    its not just that…if you have read other posts on the blog its not just whine and moan……..Unfortunately some fans think Arsene Wenger is god and can do no wrong…….If you have any idea about football and Arsenal in specific you would realise it…So if you wana read all good things about Arsenal i suggest you visit arsenal.com you’ll feel better….

  5. gunner4life
    July 23, 2009 at 8:54 am

    AG you are right..Some fans do think that Wenger is always right…He’s just a manager and he makes mistakes…Its good to read something other than Arse licking that is posted on some blogs and arsenal.comIts the truth…
    and its not that we hate wenger or anything…We all still love him..and would love to see him prove us wrong…Go on Wenger!!

  6. July 23, 2009 at 11:38 am

    With-out a doubt Arsene Wenger makes mistakes,but not all the wrongs at Arsenal are down to him.What seems to happen with some Fans is they “Cry” about everything.The team that were droping out of the top top four last year again – Didn’t!!!!!.Now we’re getting it this year again Arsene Wenger has lost the plot blah blah blah dropping out of the top four blah blah blah.I for one think We will challange hard for the league this year,Man U without “Twinkle Toes” and Tevez – the average age of the Chelski team hitting the 70 mark,and if Refs this year stop giving the scouse national diving team 3/4 pens a game.It is not Us who will have to watch Our backs.

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