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About a legend and two jerks….

As the silly summer transfer market continues, it’s not just the ridiculous rumours which keep football fans interested but also stars giving interviews and speaking about their life and the club. With not much going on in the transfer market for us fans, I’ll talk about some stuff said about Arsenal in the past 2-3 days.

What is common between Thierry Henry, Ashley Cole and Adebayor?? Well just the fact that they all played for Arsenal..Nothing else..

They are miles apart in class, ability, common sense and attitude. A reason why Thierry Henry is the greatest Arsenal player and still missed by the team and fans is quite simple. No, it’s not just because he is our all time top scorer. Read this..

Henry speaking about Arsenal…

It’s not going to be easy without Adebayor, obviously, and what happened with Nasri was unlucky, but I still believe they can win the League,That is always my feeling about my old club. It won’t be easy because there are teams who are doing it every time, but you never know. “I remember when I left everyone was saying it wouldn’t be the same,but they ended up having a great season and nearly won the League.”It can happen this year. I know eve­rybody is saying this and that but in my heart I will always talk like that. Arsene and Arse­nal have proven so many times they can win withoutspending a lot of money,People talk about the top four but the only thing that matters to me is who is going to be top and I know that’s how Arsene sees it as well.”


Adebayor had to say this.…

The way the fans behaved towards me was not nice at all. I can’t understand why they were after me. I did my best for them and I was very happy there.I scored 30 goals in a season – it’s not my fault that Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid wanted to sign me. In any summer, Barcelona try to sign Cesc Fabregas. But the fans never turned on him.”

And Cashley Cole also opened his trap to talk about  ManCity and Arsenal..

It’s going to be hard for them [ManCity] but they could do it,The players they’re buying are good and they might gel, click straight away and it’s magic.But you can’t really say until we see them play.I hope they do because I have friends there.“I hope they do really well and finish above Arsenal.”

Now If Adebayor and Cashley Cole think why the Arsenal fans turned against them?? It’s quite obvious.Isn’t it? It’s not just about how you play for Arsenal it’s about how you conduct yourself and feel about Arsenal even after you leave.

Thierry Henry still acknowledges the fact that Arsenal made him a great player whereas Cole and Adebayor refuse to say that. I’ve never heard Henry talk about scoring 226 goals for us but all Adebayor can talk about is one 30 goal season.Players don’t realize that there’s more to football than just scoring goals. It’s about commitment, passion and attitude.I would still stand and applaud Henry but I don’t think…rather I am sure I wouldn’t do that for Adebayor and Cole.

 So Cashley and Adebayor you can be sure of one thing…You’ll never be loved or missed at Arsenal.Cashley and Adebayor, you can now start thinking about your club..Forget Arsenal.

Some transfer talk before i sign off….Arsenal and Spurs are in the race for Klaas Huntelaar. Arsenal should sign him atleast for the sake of beating Spurs to the signature…..haha….Anyways i’d go crazy if indeed Wenger pulled this off. Klass is Class….there is no doubt about it. Talking of strikers, our very own Nikki B is in demand. Apparently Milan want to sign him after missing out on Fabiano,Adebayor and Dzeko. It’s ridiculous rumour thinking we just sold Ade and are not on the verge of buying any striker. Anyways I really expect Nikki B to step up and take Ade’s role. He might be the surprise package this season.Also Big Phil and Eboue are wanted by a number of clubs and i won’t be surprised if we lose one of them come September.

So thats it for now.

Have a nice day and Keep Gunning..!

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  1. robin
    July 24, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    i completely agree with you. apparently, we don’t talk about professionalism anymore. all those players care are about weekly wages and pay rise; what a loser.

  2. gunner4life
    July 24, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    just to add to that list…hleb and flamini…two more jerks…
    hleb had the courage to accept he made a mistake but it doesnt make him any less of a jerk…

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