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Quick ‘Arsenal’ shot

Good Morning Gooners

Today’s post is going to be short .I have a lot of pending work and my boss is getting frustrated because of the delay. My colleague here in the office did tell me to skip today’s post and concentrate on the work but I can’t really begin the day without my ‘Arsenal dose’. So here’s a quick one.

Toure is ‘Gunner’ go??

With the cry baby stating his intentions to stay at Chelsea,atleast for the time being, it might not be a surprise if Mark Hughes now concentrates all his attention to securing Kolo Toure. The longest serving Arsenal player in the current team has fallen behind in the pecking order and also doesn’t seem to have a good relation with Gallas. Although there is no question about Kolo’s ability as a defender he has come under fire from certain fans for his lack luster performances in the last campaign. With ManCity’s unofficial spokeperson (Ade) pleading Toure to join the club it looks likely that Kolo would prefer a heavy paycheck than spend time on the sidelines at Arsenal. Although Kolo’s brother Yaya did say that his brother would never swap Arsenal for a club not in the champions league we all know it doesn’t matter in today’s world where Money does all the talking.

So as long as we get in a no-nonsense defender, extremely good in air and does not have a bad attitude, I would be happy.  Hangeland or Zapata could be a good replacement if indeed Toure leaves.

Hunting for Huntelaar or Eyeing Vucinic

Either rumour is pleasing for an Arsenal fan. Huntelaar and Vucinic are both proven top class strikers and any one of the two would be a good replacement for ‘you know who’. Both are clinical,hard working and good in air. It all comes down to how much the Wenger is willing to pay . The two are valued at around the same price £16m-£18m. Although Kalou is also among the news and fits Wenger’s definition of a player I would prefer one of the above mentioned to come in.Who would you prefer in an Arsenal shirt??

How ‘Cana’ you miss Wenger??

I still can’t understand how we missed out on Cana. Wenger was surely on the lookout for a DM which was made clear by the pursuit of Melo. But if Melo was expensive… What about Cana? Although not aggressive and robust like Melo, Cana was equally experienced and had the making of a good player. For £5m I think he was worth the shot. So if reports are to be believed Wenger wants Lee Cattermole. I hope not. Since the last thing we want is another 21-22year old midfielder. I don’t see him being any better than Denilson and if I remember correctly our reserves did run over Wigan Athletic in the Carling cup game. This is one rumour which I hope turns out to be utter rubbish. I’d suggest not buying a DM if Cattermole is the only option available. Let’s give Diaby ,Song and Denilson a good run and see. 

Thoughts on PV…

Lastly some thoughts on Patrick Vieira’s rumoured move to Sp*rs. I would be hurt to see him sign for them knowing how much the fans hate those spuds but i think Vieira has done enough for us and earned the right to do whatever he wants. He played over 400 gams for us, captained the team to glory and also played his heart out when on the pitch. So i don’t think the fans should hate him if he does move to the lane.What say??..


With Toure likely to leave and Eboue also not sure about staying we would have enough money ( + money from the transfer of ‘you know who’) to buy 2-3 good players. I don’t expect any action in the transfer market till the team returns from Austria so we still have to continue the wait.In other news some guy called Moshiri guy who happens to be Usmanov’s close aide has come out and blasted  the board for rejecting the rights proposal and sale of ‘you know who’. His statements were in a way true but i prefer the directors or the real men incharge to do the talking instead of some random guy speaking out. Also Arsenal play a friendly against Szombla..blah blah (check Arsenal.com for the name.. )  today. You can follow updates from that game on my twitter. Next is the Emirates cup which will give us a better indication of our preparations.

So till then …

Cheers and Keep Gunning!

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