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How about some ‘Brede’?..It’s Shopping time for AW.

Good Morning Gooners!!

Don’t know Why but I am feeling fairly upbeat today, which is rare for an Arsenal fan during the summer transfer window. Maybe because of the fact that Wenger would be more active in the transfer market after Kolo leaves. Well I am still not sure Why…

So our last remaining player from the Invincible season is about the leave us. There’s no doubt that Kolo has given his best years to the club and been a great player for Arsenal. He may not have the pace he once had but still has a few more years left in him. Many fans thought, come what may Kolo will always remain an Arsenal player but as they say “in football nothing is permanent”. I think issues like the bust up with Gallas and not being given the captaincy has affected his performances and it would not be madness to sell him. He will always have the love and support of the Arsenal faithful unlike his soon to be team mate ‘you know who’. The £14m-£16m fee being rumoured is a good deal for us and the player himself, considering he will double his wages at Man City. I’m not entirely pleased about us selling our players within the same league but ManCity are the only club shelling out silly money for players so it leaves us with very few options. So then it’s Farewell Kolo, Good Luck and Goodbye. I will, and I am sure most of the fans will, miss him but life moves on.

How about Hangeland as a replacement? According to his wiki profile .. ..Hangeland plays as a central defender. The tall Norwegian with his characteristic calm nature is known for combining great aerial ability and physical strength with elegant technique and passing ability…  Surely something we need. Right??

Now that we have some-thing in the range of £37m-£40m from the sale of two players it leaves us in a good position to buy the players we need. It would be stupid to assume that Wenger will not bring in a new player because a) We already lacked depth in our squad and are now 2 more players short b)Pre-season fixtures have made Wenger (and everyone ) realize we are still short in 1-2 areas. We know Wenger likes to take his time with transfers, which is not always good, but we have got to give the man some time. I agree that most fans (including me) have been a bit critical about his transfer activities but I think it’s about to change soon. I am 100% sure Wenger has something up his sleeve and is just waiting for the money to be transferred before he makes his move. I think we’ll have atleast one more exit before the season starts which could be either Eboue or Big Phill. 

Is Wenger ready to ‘pull a rabbit outta the hat’ ?

Who could the so called ‘rabbit’ be from Wenger’s Hat? Few names floating around are Huntelaar, Zapata,Hangeland ,Cattermole,Vucinic ,De-Rossi.  Or another ‘Wenger like’ signing ? I’d want at least two players from that list… But again I am not the one in-charge at Arsenal. Not sure How much Wenger would actually want to spend because a certain chunk of the money received will go towards Interest/debt payments. But I think we could very well manage 2 good players in £30m and still have around £10m in the bank. A DM and CB tops the list since we are still short in those areas and sorry to say but Denilson/Diaby/Song are not the solution to our DM problems. They might still step up and surprise everyone but we really can’t wait and watch this season. I think after a run out in Austria Wenger knows what exactly he needs and we might (finally) see some activity. Just wait and watch.

Till then…

Cheers and Keep Gunning!

  1. kayonga benard
    July 29, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    its time for wenger to go swiftly and get Hangeland.i think he should go ahead and sell silvestre and senderos. thx

  2. Randy Osae
    July 30, 2009 at 3:22 am

    “I say proof-read your articles before posting them”

    It was obviously not a grammatical error, so proof-reading wouldn’t do.

    It was wrong assumption and get your shit straight before you come to criticize on my site.

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