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Views on News of the Past Week

Earlier this week there were rumours about Wenger looking to sign De Rossi. Seriosusly!!But now the De Rossi rumour has been put to rest by the player himself. I don’t know how I even got excited about it. I forgot about the fact that it’s Arsenal and Arsene Wenger that we are talking about. How in the world can I even think of Wenger spending £30m on a player?

….. Coming back to reality, Arsene Wenger has reportedly called up Bordeaux president to let him know about Chamakh.  The Bourdeaux President said that Wenger called up just to let him know about a list of strikers that Wenger has. Let’s see how that conversation went..

AW: “Bonjour, Arsene Wenger here”

Bourdeaux Pres: “Bonjour Mr Wenger”

AW: “I have a list of strikers and Chamakh is on it”

B.P: “Great..So what else??”

A.W: “Ahh nothing…just wanted to tell you this”.

B.P: “Ok..Good Bye”

A.W: “Bye”.

I really don’t know much about the guy, but from what I have heard and read he doesn’t look too good. The player himself has admitted that he needs to improve his goal/match ratio to be counted as a good striker. That is not too pleasing for Arsenal fans. Is it? If we do need a back up for RVP,Nik, Eddie it rather be a good back up than just a back up. But again such is the state of Arsenal fans this summer that we would have some-one rather than no-one.

I’m sure Wenger’s list of strikers would make a good read.

With PV looking like a possibility and Chamakh also likely it does show that Wenger is making some moves in the transfer market and does want to bring in a couple of players. Again not marquee signings which many fans would be hoping for but as they say “In Arsene We Trust”. I really think PV could be a good mentor/player for Arsenal. I say mentor first  and then player because I really don’t expect him to perform the way he used to 4-5 year back. I think his experience would be valuable in the dressing room and also we might be looking at our future manager helping the team. Also in a few games that he starts, just the mention of his name in the starting line up is sure to affect the opposition.So in all it makes a good deal for us provided we do sign another DM (Matuidi) . I know Wenger has always got something up his sleeve and it would be no different this time. He surprised everyone in 1996 and I’m sure he still can.

Although he did surprise me last evening. In his post-match interview Wenger for the 1st time said “If we can add one-two player we will, but not more than that”. Am I hearing/reading it right? Wenger has talked about signing players? I always expect  “I am looking for the right player” or “We have enough quality in the team” etc etc from Wenger when quizzed about signing players.  I am being a bit critical but I am sure not many fans would disagree with me. In 13 years of his reign I have never heard Wenger give out a direct answer to a question. You would never be able to guess what he is up to because of his weird/indirect answers. Even if you ask him his name, He would probably reply with “ I have a degree in economics and am a football manager” ….So hearing him talk about signing players when asked is quite surprising. Also with Senderos tipped to leave Arsenal and join Everton it makes our squad all the more thin and lack depth. Wenger has realised that fact although a bit late. But as they say ‘its never to late to do the right thing’.

Also seeing the team play last night and with addition of some new faces (or old ) I think we have the potential to win some silverware and by silverware I don’t mean the Emirates Cup.  We might just make it this season and bring back the good times!

Watch the Arsenal vs Rangers game tonight as Arsenal hope to win their 1st silverware of the new season. 🙂

Cheers and Keep Gunning!

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