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At Emirates – Defenders For Sale. Hurry! Offers lasts till 1st September.

So much to be an Arsenal fan during a summer transfer market. It just can’t get anymore frustrating. Can it? Arsenal are set to lose their 3rd player and 2nd defender this summmer according to the Swiss FA.Senderos reportedly has agreed a move to Everton but it is yet to be confirmed by either clubs. I seriously don’t know what is going on in Wenger’s mind right now. In his last interview Wenger said that he had a lot of attacking options and it was the defence which needed to be sorted out. So selling defenders is the solution to that?? With Eboue’s future also uncertain it is sure to give Arsenal fans some headache. And still going by reports in the newspapers Arsenal will sign Kalou from Chelsea.

Off all the top 4 teams last season Arsenal had the worst defensive record and i don’t see that changing this season if we don’t sign a really good defender. While Wenger is sure to come up with a replacement (from within the team or buying someone) i really hope he knows what he is doing. Seeing the pre-season fixtures, we still haven’t learned how to defend set pieces and are really vulnerable after taking the lead. Same mistakes being repeated again and again and yet we don’t bring in a good defender. A no-nonsense defender,extremely good in air and reading the game should be topping the “To-Buy” list right now. I don’t mind seeing Senderos go if Wenger brings in someone with “good defending” listed as a profession on his profile.

On to other news today, Arsenal are reportedly close to signing Kalou. While Wenger’s admiration for the Ivorian is quite well known i believe it is just a ploy to make Bourdeaux lower their evaluation of Chamakh. But either signing would be welcomed by Arsenal fans since we really haven’t had anything to talk about this summer. Ofcourse a striker/attacking player would be a luxury signing  but it’s a CB and a hardtackling DM we need urgently. Just hope Wenger knows what he is doing and i am able to say “In Arsene We Trust” come 1st september.

I think we’ll have a lot of action in the transfer market this week. More as an when something develops..

Till then

Cheers and Keep Gunning!:)

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