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‘New Signing’ injured? Please No! + Other Arsenal news..

The summer keeps getting worse for Arsenal fans. No signings yet,players injured already and potential signings slipping out of sight.

There is another thing to worry about for Arsenal fans. All the hype about Tomas Rosicky’s return may be over as there are unconfirmed reports suggesting that the Arsenal star could be out for 5 weeks after his latest setback. I really pray those reports do not get confirmed and that we have Rosicky fit and raring to go like before. But again such is the injury record of the guy that few would bet against the news being true. No official word yet so i just want to believe that he will start against Everton. With Nasri injured and Arsenal really lacking experience we cannot afford another injury to Tomas. So if the reports are true Wenger has lost his so called ‘new signing’ of the summer. Will he buy now? Your guess is as good as mine….

Talking of setbacks, Klass Huntelaar is set to sign for Milan so all fans who were hoping to see him in an Arsenal shirt be ready to be disappointed. Not that it really matters seeing our attacking options but going by Zinedine Zidane’s words Arsenal did put in a bid for Huntelaar. So another one bites the dust and the list of players we could have signed grows. Melo,Cana,Huntelaar….. There might be a few more additions to that list before the window closes.

In other news Arsenal are back in for Chamakh. I don’t see the reason for adding another striker before actually addressing our main problem in defence and midfield. Even a 7 year old Arsenal fan knows that a beast like CB and DM is what we need right now. So Why is Wenger not realising this? Well what-ever it is the frustration for Arsenal fans keeps growing.

What about PV and Matuidi? It’s gone all quiet on that front which is not a good sign. Cmon Wenger wake up! Wake up! We are a lot weaker than last year and the squad keeps shrinking. It’s about time we made some drastic moves in the market or else this season will be no different than the last 4 seasons.

Still i will keep hoping for a miracle…and as usual hope for some silverware in the coming season!

Lets see if there is some activity in the transfer market from Arsenal’s side ( which means signing players and not selling)

Till then..

Cheers and Keep Gunning!

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