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Why Arsenal have a better chance to win the PL this season..?

This could very well be a season where the least ‘weak’ team wins the Premier League. There is no doubt that all the teams are weaker than last season except ofcourse Manchester City but i really don’t see them as a threat for the PL crown. Last campaign’s top 4 ManUtd,Chelsea,Liverpool and Arsenal have all lost important players and have taken a step backwards than forwards. This makes for a very interesting season ahead and also a more even contest this term. Arsenal might just have a better chance to win the crown this season than they had last season. Here’s a short analysis of the so called Big 4 !

Manchester United:

There’s is no doubt that Manchester Utd will miss Ronaldo. It’s very difficult to replace a 35-40 goal/season player. With the addition of Valencia they might just have been able to plug that void on the right side but i doubt if Valencia can score those dipping free kicks or even score half of those 35 goals. Also Michael Owen is going to be used as an impact substitute ( Tevez role) than being in the starting line up every week. They still have a strong squad but they will surely miss some of the last minute goals Ronaldo and Tevez were capable of. With Van der Sar and Vidic out for the first few games it would be an opportunity to gain some points over them. They are certainly not the ManUtd of last season.


They are unpredictable. Last season they gave a good fight for the tilte but the season before that with almost the same squad they struggled for the fourth spot with Everton. This season they have already lost one of their best player from last season.Xabi Alonso. Again they do have the Stevie G and El Nino pair to propel them to the title but it’s really hard to replace a man like Alonso. Aquilani is a good buy but untested in the Premier League and too injury prone for anyone’s liking. Ofcourse their season depends mainly on the fitness of Gerrard and Torres and can hope that Kuyt has a repeat of his best season. They can be put under pressure and it won’t be difficult to break them down if the teams really go for it.


Chelsea have a new manager this season. SURPRISE!! With just the addition of Yuriy Zhirkov,Turnbull and Sturridge and no main exits they are more of a threat. But the whole squad is a year older and i don’t see any of the new signings starting ahead of Malouda,Cech and Drogba respectively. Also with the same squad and Scolari incharge they looked as vulnerable as ever and looked a completely different side with Hiddink incharge. So the manager is a really really important variable in their form and threat. Ofcourse Ancelotti is a great manager with experience but so was Scolari. So it’s a gamble for Chelsea. If they click they can be great but if not they are just mediocre. Had Hiddink been still incharge i would have thought of Chelsea as the team most likely to win the premiership but not anymore.


Well you can say i am biased in my opinion being an Arsenal fan but i’d say we have more of a chance to win the premier league this season than before. Yes, We have lost Adebayor and Toure and maybe Senderos and also lost a lot of experience but i think all 3 were not even in Wenger’s First XI . Adebayor was good but not the same 30 goal player and  also had niggling injuries all the time last season. Toure dropped in the pecking order and Senderos was on loan. With Rosicky, Diaby as injury prone as ever nothing has really changed at Arsenal. Instead we have had Eduardo regain his fitness and form, Arshavin available for the whole season and also a stronger and better JW and Ramsey. Of course we are still weak in the DM and CB areas but unlike other teams we have just entered the transfer market to buy some players. So i do expect a player or two to come in before the window closes.

This season the top 4 look as vulnerable as ever to be broken with Everton,Villa and ManCity capable of more than an upset. It does make for an interesting season ahead.Again i am not saying that we will win the the Premier League for sure but just have a better chance than last season. As always i will be hoping that we can do it this season even if we don’t i will still be screaming ARSENAL!!! ….always …..forever and ever.

Cheers and Keep Gunning!

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