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Valencia defeat- Blessing in disguise?

In the build up to the friendly against Valencia Wenger said that the game would be the perfect preparation for the game against Everton. Not quite the result/preparation Wenger would have wanted but again this could just be a blessing in disguise. The game against Valencia brought out some of the glaring flaws in Wenger’s strategy. This has been the case for a year now and this result would be the perfect wake up call for Arsenal and Wenger.

Firstly What have we learned from last season? The answer is NOTHING. We still are dismal at defending set pieces. This has been the case in all pre-season fixtures with set pieces causing panic and trouble.If a 40 year old player can out jump and score from a set piece imagine what the likes of Adebayor,Crouch and Torres would do. If Senderos does leave i really hope Wenger brings in some one like Hangeland (tall and good at defending) in.

Secondly We need to have a fixed and competent back pair. Gallas and Djorou/Vermaelen/New CB could be our best option. Silvestre is certainly not the answer. We’ve been easily caught on the break twice and also given away 2 penalties in the friendlies. It was Villa yesterday and we’ll be facing Drogba,Torres and Rooney soon and we need a good CB pair surely or else we are in big trouble.

Another thing for concern would be our midfield. We don’t dominate in the midfield these days like we used to during the days of Vieira ,Gilberto Silva and even Flamini. Song and Denilson have not developed a lot in the last year and we need to dominate the midfield if we want our attackers to score. Fabregas needs a good partner in the midfield. Diaby played on the left of midfield yesterday which certainly will not help his defensive game if indeed he is a DM. Yesterday we had just a couple of chances in the first half which was mainly down to the lack of service from the midfield. 

Like Wenger said he will look at the team during the pre-season games and then decide on what players he needs and i think these 5 pre-season games have given enough evidence to add a CB and DM at the earliest. I wouldn’t mind if he gave up on Chamakh and instead brought in a DM. For once I hope we sell Senderos because atleast that would make Wenger go for a CB which we need so badly.

Again it was just a friendly and there is still time before the season starts and we could still get in a few players or else we’ll be in for a difficult August with Everton,Celtic and Manchester United on the time-table.


PS: I am still not doing Match reports for friendlies.But you’ll have it once the Season starts. If you still want to read a match report click here

  1. Ace Gooner
    August 10, 2009 at 11:14 am

    Hi Ardent Gooner,

    Senderos is already with Everton and still no sign of AW getting a DM or a CB!!

  2. August 10, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Is he? I don’t think there’s an official confirmation..But still we need a DM or CB..If only Wenger could read all the blogs… 😉

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