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We have the Best Team in the world??

It’s quite strange how even a 7 year old Arsenal fan knows the areas which need to be strengthened and which players need to make way for newer players but Wenger doesn’t see it. Wenger has continued his ‘youth project’ for quite some time without success but is still adamant that he has the right players to win the PL and CL. I don’t agree with him completely and I’m sure I have the support on many Arsenal fans on this. It’s been 4 seasons without silverware which is bad for a big club like Arsenal and yet Wenger thinks what he is doing is right. I don’t get the point of how we have the best players in the team yet we don’t win anything. Atleast Wenger thinks that he has the perfect players.In an interview with BBC sport Wenger revealed how he can’t find any better player than the one’s he already has.

The money is there to buy, but you must find better players than the players you have and at the moment we haven’t found that. It’s as simple as that.

You can say what you want, but Eduardo is a fantastic football player, and [if] you buy a striker you put someone in the way. Bendtner is a fantastic football player, van Persie is a fantastic football player, Walcott as well, Arshavin as well. They are all strikers.

For the sake of buying you must find better players than the ones you have. I’m very confident we have quality players.Football is not all about money, it as well about quality of work, quality of the development of your team and in England every time you don’t win a game, or play as well as people expect, they say buy players.

The solution is not always to buy players, I believe that we have a transfer policy where we have to be very strong now.

We have built a new stadium, look at all the teams who have built new stadiums and where they are. We have managed to stay at the top and build a new stadium and make profit and pay our debt back and I believe that doesn’t get the credit it deserves at the moment. It’s not as easy as people think it is.”

I agree that we have enough strikers in the team but that’s not where our problem lies. It’s the midifeld and defence that needs some quality. But I certainly can’t believe that we can’t find some one better than Denilson and Alex Song. Denilson can never be the next Gilberto which needs to be realised soon. I’m sure there are better defensive midfielder’s in the world. If Wenger thinks that we have the right players and there are no better players out there Why haven’t we won anything in 4 years?

Blaming it on injuries or the average age of the squad or even the Stadium doesn’t sound too good. If we knew the stadium would result in lack of silverware Why did we go for it in the first place? Just to get more revenue from ticket sales?  A new stadium was needed but not at the cost of success. We are a big club and we need success to go with it. A 60,000 capacity stadium doesn’t make us a big club. I’m afraid that Wenger needs to change his outlook of the game. Football has changed and a manager needs to keep up with the change.

Wenger needs to realise that not every player he brings in is going to be the next Henry or the next Vieira or the next Bergkamp.We need to replace them and not keep hoping for them to get better. It’s one thing to be frugal and another to be arrogant. All this talk of Wenger being frugal is ridiculous while he is being arrogant quite clearly.

Do you think we have the players to win the PL this season? Would you fans still want him to stay if we fail this season?

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