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Post Match Interview: Andrei Arshavin on Everton game and Celtic tie

Here is what Arsenal star Arshavin had to say about the game in an interview on his website..

A.A.: On the one hand, it might have looked like an easy win for us, on the other hand it means that we were well prepared for this match. The 3 chances that we took in the first half left me in no doubts regarding the outcome of the game after just 45 minutes. In the second half we took our chances clinically again. Victory. It’s a great start to the season.

arshavin.eu: Today you were outplaying Everton defenders in the air. Did you work on that in training?
A.A.: Defenders were not the biggest guys around. In the Premiership they’re usually a bit taller.
arshavin.eu: Was it a surprise to you when Blues’ fans started leaving Goodison Park before the final whistle?
A.A.: In a way, I can understand them, it’s the beginning of the season, new hopes. And then it turns out you team is losing by a big scoreline early into the second half. But the players aren’t enjoying that either, they play for their fans, they don’t like to lose. Moreover it was just the first game of the season. As I said we took all our chances, they were unlucky. Did we have something like this during my time at Zenit? No, I as far as I can remember we never had an exodus like that.
arshavin.eu: After the game we managed to speak to some of the Everton fans. They still remember the four goal you scored against their “friends” from Liverpool. They said they were proud that Arshavin didn’t score one against them.
A.A.: That’s a fact.
arshavin.eu: Do you only score four at a time in Liverpool?
A.A.: Perhaps :). But seriously, it’s better not to score, but enjoy the team’s victory.
arshavin.eu: In a few day, Arsenal start their Champions’ League campaign. You’re playing against Celtic, are they a particular rival for you?
A.A.: I don’t think they’re our rivals, just another opponents that we need to beat to progress.
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