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September 13, 2009 6 comments

I am completely devastated today.Not just because of the fact we lost but because we lost to Manchester City, 4-2 on my birthday, and because we allowed Ade to score and humiliate us. I was pretty sure that after the defeat to Manchester Utd, the team would be raring to put the record straight and come off with a win from Manchester. We failed to do so…and miserably..

Arsenal were clearly not up to the mark and not taking anything away from Manchester City, I think they played well. If at all we deserved anything it was a draw. But again I think they were well prepared. Dejong played brilliantly,Richards had a good game while Ade showed glimpses of his 30-goal season today. Although I am fuming at his reaction,celebration and alleged stamp on Van Persie, he still played way better than Diaby,Bendtner and Clichy combined.

I had hoped that Wenger would come out and accept that he got it all wrong yesterday but he didn’t. Instead he chose to blame the heavy legs on the international break. Thats a load of crap.Manchester City also had players on international duty, they had Robinho,Tevez and Cruz missing and still played the game at a higher level than us. I think Clichy and Diaby were terrible. They were caught out of position numerous times and did little to track back and help the defenders. Bendtner is just wasted on the right wing and RVP surely isn’t ready to take on the lone striker role.Almunia showed again why he is not in the Spanish national team set up and why he will never play for England.For me Rosicky was the only bright spot on a hugely disappointing evening and I hope he gets the games to prove that he was and still can be world class.

It’s still a mystery to me why Eduardo didn’t start and why Bendtner didn’t get a more central role after his performances for Denmark. Knowing Wenger and how stubborn he is, I doubt alot will change for the next game but I hope Ade’s celebration rings a bell in his brain that we’ll be made the laughing stock soon if we don’t change things around.

It’s 6 points lost within 2 weeks but the only bright spot is that we are done with 2 difficut away games and there is still enough time to cover up.

I wouldn’t even bother rating the players after yesterday’s performance. I’m not in a mood to evaluate the game… Runied my birthday and the weekend.

I’m still hopefull for a turn around….

Till then…Keep Gunning!


About a legend and two jerks….

July 24, 2009 2 comments

As the silly summer transfer market continues, it’s not just the ridiculous rumours which keep football fans interested but also stars giving interviews and speaking about their life and the club. With not much going on in the transfer market for us fans, I’ll talk about some stuff said about Arsenal in the past 2-3 days.

What is common between Thierry Henry, Ashley Cole and Adebayor?? Well just the fact that they all played for Arsenal..Nothing else..

They are miles apart in class, ability, common sense and attitude. A reason why Thierry Henry is the greatest Arsenal player and still missed by the team and fans is quite simple. No, it’s not just because he is our all time top scorer. Read this..

Henry speaking about Arsenal…

It’s not going to be easy without Adebayor, obviously, and what happened with Nasri was unlucky, but I still believe they can win the League,That is always my feeling about my old club. It won’t be easy because there are teams who are doing it every time, but you never know. “I remember when I left everyone was saying it wouldn’t be the same,but they ended up having a great season and nearly won the League.”It can happen this year. I know eve­rybody is saying this and that but in my heart I will always talk like that. Arsene and Arse­nal have proven so many times they can win withoutspending a lot of money,People talk about the top four but the only thing that matters to me is who is going to be top and I know that’s how Arsene sees it as well.”


Adebayor had to say this.…

The way the fans behaved towards me was not nice at all. I can’t understand why they were after me. I did my best for them and I was very happy there.I scored 30 goals in a season – it’s not my fault that Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid wanted to sign me. In any summer, Barcelona try to sign Cesc Fabregas. But the fans never turned on him.”

And Cashley Cole also opened his trap to talk about  ManCity and Arsenal..

It’s going to be hard for them [ManCity] but they could do it,The players they’re buying are good and they might gel, click straight away and it’s magic.But you can’t really say until we see them play.I hope they do because I have friends there.“I hope they do really well and finish above Arsenal.”

Now If Adebayor and Cashley Cole think why the Arsenal fans turned against them?? It’s quite obvious.Isn’t it? It’s not just about how you play for Arsenal it’s about how you conduct yourself and feel about Arsenal even after you leave.

Thierry Henry still acknowledges the fact that Arsenal made him a great player whereas Cole and Adebayor refuse to say that. I’ve never heard Henry talk about scoring 226 goals for us but all Adebayor can talk about is one 30 goal season.Players don’t realize that there’s more to football than just scoring goals. It’s about commitment, passion and attitude.I would still stand and applaud Henry but I don’t think…rather I am sure I wouldn’t do that for Adebayor and Cole.

 So Cashley and Adebayor you can be sure of one thing…You’ll never be loved or missed at Arsenal.Cashley and Adebayor, you can now start thinking about your club..Forget Arsenal.

Some transfer talk before i sign off….Arsenal and Spurs are in the race for Klaas Huntelaar. Arsenal should sign him atleast for the sake of beating Spurs to the signature…..haha….Anyways i’d go crazy if indeed Wenger pulled this off. Klass is Class….there is no doubt about it. Talking of strikers, our very own Nikki B is in demand. Apparently Milan want to sign him after missing out on Fabiano,Adebayor and Dzeko. It’s ridiculous rumour thinking we just sold Ade and are not on the verge of buying any striker. Anyways I really expect Nikki B to step up and take Ade’s role. He might be the surprise package this season.Also Big Phil and Eboue are wanted by a number of clubs and i won’t be surprised if we lose one of them come September.

So thats it for now.

Have a nice day and Keep Gunning..!

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Going Going Going ….Gone…!!+ Arsenal vs Barnet FC and Arsenal vs Barnet FC

He’s finally gone. Yes Adebayor has left Arsenal for Manchester City.The deal was finished yesterday and the player passed a medical at Manchester ending speculation regarding the Togolese’s future. I’m sure there was a loud cheer in London yesterday after the deal was made official. With Wenger and his boys away for the pre-season fixture,it did make a swift and silent exit from Emirates for the frontman.

Adebayor now joins other hungry for money and greedy strikers like Santa Cruz and Tevez at the suddenly rich club, Manchester City. I am a bit sad to see him leave but having £25m in the bank does make me feel a lot better.  Its another Anelka like sale which benefits the club a great deal. Now Wenger does have a lot of money to spend which I really really pray he does. I say use all the money if needed. Don’t get cheeky and buy some one cheap just for the sake of it. Get in a quality replacement. But Wenger did squash my dreams yesterday when he said

 We’re not on the verge of signing anybody but I’m able to spend the money if we find the right players,” he said,

 “We have Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo back so we’ve lost a big striker but have gained two offensive players who were absent last season.

 “We also have Nicklas Bendtner, Andrey Arshavin, Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott who can play striker. We have top players we can use as strikers.

  This is a big big indication that we might not see a replacement for Ade. Instead Wenger might use the money to buy a DM which is fine with me, but we do need a replacement for Ade and a good one. Considering RVP’s and Eduardo’s injury record it might be a good thing to have proper quality back up instead of relying completely on Nicklas Bendtner.

Coming back to Adebayor for one last time…. Wenger did have some kind words to say for the striker.

we’ll miss Emmanuel – he’s a great player. I’m sure he’ll give something special to Man City.  

So that’s it for Emanuel Adebayor at Arsenal. Good bye Ade!!!!!!!

 Moving on to other stuff.

 Arsenal (a)  1- 1 Barnet FC … Arsenal (b)  1-1 Barnet FC

Three teams played one fixture at Underhill yesterday. Two teams of Arsenal vs Branet FC.I named it Arsenal (a) and Arsenal (b) vs Barnet FC because after half time Arsenal had completely different set of players on the field. In the first half Wenger went with 4-4-1-1 formation with Arshavin playing just behind the young striker Sanchez Watt and Tomas Rosicky (captain for the 1st half) and Jack Wilshere occupying the wings. 

Understandably all the attention was on Tomas Rosicky who was playing his first game in an Arsenal shirt (btw the new blue kit ) after almost a year and half. The 1st half also marked the debut of Thomas Vermaelen and the comeback of William Gallas from a lengthy lay-off.The back 4 consisted of old Silvestre,Thomas Vermaelen,Gallas and Djourou. Unlike Eduardo’s return earlier this year, Tomas didn’t score but came close to scoring which would have given him some confidence.

One player who seem to have carried his form from last season was Andrei Arshavin. The Russian scored from a Sanchez Watt cross just 4 minutes before the break.With Arshavin also eligible to play in the champions league, it does make a mouthwatering prospect. Anyways Arsenal then displayed something which we have seen a lot in the past two seasons, squandering their lead soon after scoring. A free kick was headed past Manuel Almunia by center back Yakubu.Just makes me wonder if we have still sorted out our defence or not. The 1st half ended all square at 1-1 .  

There were a few changes expected after the first half but I am sure no one would have expected an entire new set of players on the field. Except Thomas Vermaelen, Wenger substituted each of his remaining players, including Manuel Almunia for the young Italian Vito Mannone.The second half captain was former Ajax captain and new Arsenal recruit Thomas Vermaelen. It took the new Arsenal team just 4 minutes to take the lead through Barazite. The Dutchman scoring from 20 yards, was another example of what Wenger has for the future. After the goal Arsenal looked quite content to retain  possession and end the game but Barnet did have something left to offer.Once again Arsenal were pegged back. Charles scoring with only 8 minutes remaining surely looked to have fizzed out all the energy from the Arsenal players.

 In the end it was a 2-2 draw but the result is not one which would matter. Nonetheless something for Arsenal to think about their defence. With William Gallas and Thomas Vermaelen pairing up at the back, Wenger surely gave us a glimpse of what to expect this season. He has been showing a lot of faith in his fellow Frenchman which could only mean some more time on the sidelines for Kolo Toure. It is some thing I don’t mind considering William did give some very good performances last season after he was stripped of the captaincy. Its between Thomas Vermaelen and Kolo Toure for the other spot. Also with Tomas Rosicky back, Samir Nasri’s appearances on the left will surely be limited and Wenger might just use him as a playmaker along with Fabregas. Also with Adebayor leaving and Wenger not in a hurry to replace the striker, I expect Arsenal to go with a 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 formation. The team is now off to Austria for a pre-season training camp with Fab, Theo and RVP back  after their summer holidays. The Emirates Cup will be a more interesting tournament because it will give us an indication of Wenger’s tactics in the new season.  Good to have you back Tomas Rosicky!

That’s it for now.!


Ade is doing it again??….And a round up of Arsenal News!!!!

July 16, 2009 3 comments

Good Morning goners..!

Yes, Almost done, No not done, Going, Staying, Waiting, Going,Yes,Staying..No… !! This is the pattern of Adebayor’s summer dealings. Sounds very familiar…. I am really sad to see him leave but with City’s bid accepted and a deal on the verge of completion, reports of Ade considering whether to move or not have not made me feel any better. I have kind of resigned to the fact that he is leaving and i am happy that the fans will stop bashing him now. But now that he has stalled the deal is not helping him with his soon to be fans. He’s had enough of it from Arsenal supporters and with Ade now thinking twice about City is not making him a fan favourite at City too. Last summer he did stay with us and had to bear the brunt of most fans but now if he decides to stay I am sure he will never be able to kick the ball again . The fans are going to be so severe on him that he’ll lose all interest in the game and will never play again. So its better to move out of Emirates as soon as possible. I am sure his advisors would be telling him that and so its time for us to look forward to life without Ade.

With Tevez (sold ),Benzema ( sold) ,Dzeko (staying ),Pato (Staying) and Eto’o (staying) out of the picture, AW really doesn’t have a lot of options to replace Ade if indeed he is looking to replace him.

It could be a possibility that Wenger would use the money from Ade’s sale to buy a DM and believe that he has enough options upfront. But considering Eduardo and RVP’s injury record I would advise him to invest in a striker . Again I am not the manager and am probably never going to be heard by Wenger but its my opinion and i think it would be a wise decision too.

So here’s a list of strikers currently in the market and could be a replacement for Ade unless Wenger decides to surprise us and bring in an unknown striker from his hunting ground in france and turn the player into a world class striker (which is quite possible).

a)      K. Huntelaar                       (7.5/10)

b)      P. Crouch                             (5/10)                                   

c)       Alvaro Negredo                  (4/10)

d)      Pavel Pogrebnyak              (7/10)

e)      M. Chamakh                        (8/10)

f)       L. Fabiano.                          (2/10)

*(chances of signing)

Who do you want to see in an Arsenal shirt??? 

So that’s it for today about Ade…Moving on to other stuff. Arsenal’s pre-season fixture against Barnet has really got me excited with the prospect of seeing Tomas Rosicky in action. He’s a great player and could make a difference this season ( praying to god that the little mozart stays fit). There’s still a long time for the transfer window to close so I expect a lot more players linked with Arsenal and a lot of speculation about players leaving Arsenal. That’s the only thing going on these days so a pre-season fixture is going to attract more interest than usual.

 And a not so interesting news ,Melo has passed a medical at Juventus and all hopes of a last minutes swoop seem to be dashed. Anyways I had given up long time back.Other than that it’s a quiet day at the grove.

 That’s it for now! More if anything interesting crops up…

 Have a nice day. Cheers! 🙂

  All of you still venting your hatred for Ade read this : Ade bashing….

Ade bashing continues…While the Little Mozart is back..

July 15, 2009 6 comments

He’s not gone yet!! Yeah, Ade is still an Arsenal player.Although I feel sorry for him,the poor(soon to be rich) guy would have a major heart-attack if he surfed the internet today.There have been hate emails,anti Ade headlines all around,blog posts bashing him left right and center and comments undermining him not only as a player but as a person. I for one would be sad to see him leave and i have kind of accepted the fact that he will leave in the coming days.But its a shame to see some Arsenal supporters,the same one who were cheering him after his equaliser against Villareal, now coming out with such hatred. I agree he’s not a fans favourite but how can we do this to our own player. No matter how badly he conducts himself,he does score goals for us and is responsible for a lot of wins, how can we stoop so low.Its one thing to voice your opinion and another to abuse someone. Don’t the players deserve some respect.If the fans continue this way, i tell you we will be responsible for a lot players leaving Arsenal.The fans have certainly not helped him this season and with just a bit of more support and more love we could have seen a different Ade. The fans are not called the “12th man” of the team for no reason.Its because we can inspire,encourage and spur them on to succeed. Its almost certain that he will leave us and i fear how we will react if he scores against us come next season. Anyways I am sad to see him leave and i am sure AW will feel the blow if he doesn’t get in another proven striker soon.

In other news former Arsenal player Ray Parlour continued the tradition of bashing Adebayor…

“He was too lazy at times last season and just didn’t do it.“His body language wasn’t great. He has a big contract, which maybe is because he had a good season the year before – but he needs people behind him getting on his back.

“Wenger will not stand in his way because they can get a lot of money for him and then get a very good player to replace him. >

“His attitude amazed me at times last season when he just didn’t put it in. Sometimes if things are not going well for you, you have to show desire.

“At first I heard £30m bandied around, and I’d snap their hand off at that price. Then you go and get an excellent player who will work his socks off.”

Cmon, Leave the guy alone…Most fans have got their wishes true,let him leave in peace. Lets think of  What next for Arsenal rather than barking at Adebayor.

If at all he leaves, we are sure to have a huge boost in our bank balance and I really hope Wenger uses it to the full and not get cheeky by getting some one unknown ( like Chamakh)..Get in Huntelaar if you’ve got the money,the guy is a proven top class striker plus RVP and Huntelaar would really gel together..

Lets see how that goes.In other news the ‘Little Mozart’ could be back in action,against Barnet FC.Its great news !!!The squad anounced for Barnet FC features Dudu , Rosicky and new comer Vermaelen among others.(Almunia, Rosicky, Eduarado, Clichy, Mannone, Gallas, Djourou, Wilshere, Nasri, Denilson, Silvestre, Arshavin, Traore, Senderos and Vermaelen.). The game is on Saturday and will be an indication of what to expect next season.

That’s all for today!!


Remember……”Adebayor,Adebayor,give him the ball, and he will score”

July 14, 2009 1 comment

Good Morning Gooners!



It was a calm and quite day yesterday when were suddenly stormed with rumours linking Adebayor to Manchester City. A lot of people logged in to post their views and a majority of them happy with the rumours. Its again one of those “Our sources believe…” and “ Our sources tell us…” kind of rumours so I wouldn’t be taking them too seriously. But seeing the comments online I was surprised at the number of fans who want Ade to leave and its encouraged me to write another article defending Manu or Baby Kanu as he’s called sometimes.There have been questions raised about his bad attitude (which i think is only being forced onto him by the fans..),low work rate and lack of understanding of the offside rule but thats just one side of it.Hate him or love him, he does score important goals and I would have someone who scores goals rather than someone who doesn’t but has a good attitude. We all forget the great things he has done and is capable of doing, given the support of the manager and fans.His performances, the season before, did demand a pay-rise which I think he duly got.Agreed that he is no longer a fans favorite after his flirting with AC Milan and Barcelona last summer but he has moved on, realized his mistake and tried to improve. 

Another thing about Ade which people forget is that he is a proven goal scorer and can score with either foot. He has converted all of his 17 penalties till date which surely tell how good he is in front of goal. Talking of chances he squanders before actually scoring, his goal ratio is still better than Carlos Tevez,Berbatov,Benzema and Drogba …just to name a few. What people tend to forget is that the guy almost won us the premiership 2 years back with his 20 goals in the absence of RVP and Eduardo. With Henry gone he took the role of the lead striker and showed he can do it.He’s 6ft 3 and brilliant in air with numerous goals scored by headers from set pieces and corners, which adds a new dimension to our play.

 He’s one of the few strikers who are not selfish and would gladly pass the ball to another player in a better position rather than going for glory themselves. Now that to me is a mark of a great team player which Ade has been for us in the past year or two.There’s no denying the fact that Ade scores crucial goals for us and had he been fit last season he would have scored many more. His goals against Newcastle United,Tottenham and Villareal are just a few of his great goals during his time at Arsenal. Add to that his hat-tricks and you will realize how good he is.  If you are looking for anything else he’s even the current African Player of the year.

 Having said all that, its quite possible that Wenger would cash in on the highly rated striker and buy another one.But I am worried if we can really replace Adebayor. Ade is quite used to the EPL and our style of football and replacing him with some-one (maybe Chamakh ) who is not used to the English game or more specifically ‘the arsenal game’ could be a huge mistake. With a crucial season coming up for us, I think selling Ade would be a step back and not forward. We might get a good deal considering £20m for the £3m AW paid for him in 2006 but to lose another player and get in a new one might prove costly in terms of results.Can we afford that after 4 trophy-less seasons?? With trophies required to keep all the players at the club it would be wrong to sell a proven and top goal scorer. If indeed he goes I am sure we will feel the blow..!!

 So what do you think …?? Have your say..

Elsewhere Spurs seem to have entered the chase for former Arsenal player,Patrick Viera….!!! Can the Spuds get any more silly???  !! And another good one today……Alex Ferguson has stated that he will not buy any more players in the inflated market…haha….So injury prone Michael Owen rounds up Alex’s transfer dealings… 🙂

Cheers !! Have a good day!

Ade’bye’or??? Mark Hughes playing fantasy manager??

                  I wonder if Manchester City have a scouting system in place or they just go about a player based on how much he is talked about in the press. I am forced to think it’s the latter everytime I hear about a Manchester City target. Be it Carlos Tevez,Robinho,Santa Cruz,Maicon,Kaka, Messi,Buffon,John Terry,Adebayor,Samuel Eto’o,Iker Cassilas or Santa Cruz. Most of the players they target would be in any fantasy football team where you think about the points you are going to score and are not too concerned with the formation,tactics and impact of the player. Its certainly a case where Mark Hughes has a lot of cash in hand and has no clue of what to do with it.But If he’s thinking of a 1-1-8 formation next season he’s on the right path. 
              Leaving all that aside moving on to reports linking Adebayor to ManCity . Its just a rumour and nothing concrete yet but I would be sad to see Adebayor go, if indeed  the rumours are true.There are enough Adebayor haters and lovers across the world and I don’t think my words would make them change their stance but I am going to say what I feel (after all this is what the blog is about…) . Arsenal are bound to miss him if he decides to leave. Enough has been said about his low work rate (which wouldn’t  be a problem at ManCity with Tevez present) , his ignorance regarding the offside rule and his lack of commitment to the team’s cause or chances squadered before scoring. One thing we all forget is that this guy almost won us the premiership in 07-08 with 20 goals in the absence of Eduardo and RVP. He can score goals with either foot and has converted all his 17 penalties till date which shows that this guy can be really dangerous in the box.One of the few strikers who are not selfish and would gladly pass the ball incase another player is in a better position, I can’t think of an instance where he was greedy in front of goal and that for me is what a team player is all about.Also he’s brilliant in air, proved by the numerous goals he scores with headers and certainly adds a new dimension to our squad. There’s no denying the fact that Adebayor scores crucial goals and had it not been for his injury last term we would have seen some more. Wenger might use up the cash and buy a striker but I doubt if we could really replace Adebayor.Also he’s quite used to the EPL and our style of football and replacing him with some-one (maybe Chamakh ) who is not used to the English game or more specifically ‘the arsenal game’ could be a mistake. Adebayor is a proven striker and seeing the market, I doubt we would be able to replace him with one. Ade may not be a fans favorite because of his flirting with AC Milan and his ‘staying-leaving’ statements last summer but he’s gone on and made amends. I think his performances in the season before the last one did demand a pay rise. With Wenger talking of keeping the guys together and working, it might not be a good idea to sell him now.Personally I would not want him to leave and would give him the opportunity to regain his form of two years back . It will be sad to see him go…lets see how that turns out !!!
In other news which is a really sad one, former Arsenal and Celtic striker John Hartson has been diagnosed with Cancer. I sincerely wish him all the best and hope he gets well soon.

More as and when the news progresses.!