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Anti-Arsenal Brigade Is Out Again…..Time for true ‘Arsenalisation’

August 28, 2009 3 comments

It’s ridiculous how this one dive is making more headlines than Eduardo’s horrific leg break.It all began with a dodgy penalty decision against Celtic and now it’s been made into an issue as if Eduardo murdered someone on the field in front of 60,000 people. To add to that UEFA have now stepped in to look into the matter and take a decision whether to ban Eduardo or not. It’s certainly not the first time a player has dived ( which is still not sure) but it is the first time that UEFA are acting on a suggestion from some football association chief. The Celts have really not taken the defeat very well which is showing off in their behaviour. Cry Babies!!

As if the penalty is all that separated the two teams over the two fixtures. Having said that UEFA have quite expectedly fired up Wenger who has come out all guns blazing against UEFA. I agree with Wenger on that, it is being blown out of proportion just because the Bhoys couldn’t accept their defeat. There are 100-150 dives every weekend in football games and yet this one makes all the headlines. Rooney,Gerrard,Drogba and Oh how can i forget,Ronaldo, have mastered the art over the years and have gone unpunished a number of times and yet a player from Arsenal is charged for the very first time by looking at a not so conclusice TV replay.

It all makes me wonder if there is a campaign against Arsenal which teams and managers and the media have used over the years to unsettle us. I remember how William Gallas’ outburst against Birmingham was made such a big issue and it went all downhill from there on. Mind games are different and accusing players is another thing. I am not sure what effect this is going to have on the team ahead of the all important clash against ManU but I hope it’s not a bad one. Wenger,Nik B and Denilson have come out in the defence of Eduardo and I think it’s good to see the team spirit in there. If anything I can only hope this issue makes the team even stronger and more hungry for success.  I genuinely believe that there should be an appeal against the decision if there is one against Eduardo.UEFA need to be consistent and not take this one off issue and deal with it to tell the fans how much they care about football.Michael Platini who has said that he would have dived if he was in place of Eduardo should be the first one to be kicked out of UEFA because of his anti-English team nature.

Having said that I really hope the fans going to OT for the weekend game support the team like never before. Let’s show them what the fans can do for the team. That in my eyes would be true ‘Arsenalisation’.


We have the Best Team in the world??

August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s quite strange how even a 7 year old Arsenal fan knows the areas which need to be strengthened and which players need to make way for newer players but Wenger doesn’t see it. Wenger has continued his ‘youth project’ for quite some time without success but is still adamant that he has the right players to win the PL and CL. I don’t agree with him completely and I’m sure I have the support on many Arsenal fans on this. It’s been 4 seasons without silverware which is bad for a big club like Arsenal and yet Wenger thinks what he is doing is right. I don’t get the point of how we have the best players in the team yet we don’t win anything. Atleast Wenger thinks that he has the perfect players.In an interview with BBC sport Wenger revealed how he can’t find any better player than the one’s he already has.

The money is there to buy, but you must find better players than the players you have and at the moment we haven’t found that. It’s as simple as that.

You can say what you want, but Eduardo is a fantastic football player, and [if] you buy a striker you put someone in the way. Bendtner is a fantastic football player, van Persie is a fantastic football player, Walcott as well, Arshavin as well. They are all strikers.

For the sake of buying you must find better players than the ones you have. I’m very confident we have quality players.Football is not all about money, it as well about quality of work, quality of the development of your team and in England every time you don’t win a game, or play as well as people expect, they say buy players.

The solution is not always to buy players, I believe that we have a transfer policy where we have to be very strong now.

We have built a new stadium, look at all the teams who have built new stadiums and where they are. We have managed to stay at the top and build a new stadium and make profit and pay our debt back and I believe that doesn’t get the credit it deserves at the moment. It’s not as easy as people think it is.”

I agree that we have enough strikers in the team but that’s not where our problem lies. It’s the midifeld and defence that needs some quality. But I certainly can’t believe that we can’t find some one better than Denilson and Alex Song. Denilson can never be the next Gilberto which needs to be realised soon. I’m sure there are better defensive midfielder’s in the world. If Wenger thinks that we have the right players and there are no better players out there Why haven’t we won anything in 4 years?

Blaming it on injuries or the average age of the squad or even the Stadium doesn’t sound too good. If we knew the stadium would result in lack of silverware Why did we go for it in the first place? Just to get more revenue from ticket sales?  A new stadium was needed but not at the cost of success. We are a big club and we need success to go with it. A 60,000 capacity stadium doesn’t make us a big club. I’m afraid that Wenger needs to change his outlook of the game. Football has changed and a manager needs to keep up with the change.

Wenger needs to realise that not every player he brings in is going to be the next Henry or the next Vieira or the next Bergkamp.We need to replace them and not keep hoping for them to get better. It’s one thing to be frugal and another to be arrogant. All this talk of Wenger being frugal is ridiculous while he is being arrogant quite clearly.

Do you think we have the players to win the PL this season? Would you fans still want him to stay if we fail this season?

Scouting-Chamakh for Arsenal

August 10, 2009 Leave a comment

I know we have well paid scouts roaming around the world in search of the ‘next Kaka’ or the ‘next Henry’ or ‘next Messi’ but last night i decided to watch the Bourdeaux vs Lens game and do a bit of scouting and analysing of our soon ‘to-be’  and ‘very-likely’ new recruit. Marouane Chamakh. Not only did he manage to score yesterday but also impressed me with his work rate. He was out there helping out the defence,hard tackling attackers, setting up opportunities for scoring and also actually scoring. I must admit that from what I read about the guy before yesterday didn’t impress me too much but i think he could be a good signing for us. Again i would say we should go for a CB and DM first and then think of adding a striker but Wenger doesn’t seem to realise that. Having seen Chamkh yesterday I can say he is good in the air and works equally hard without the ball, something which Adebayor didn’t last season. Also he does seem to have an eye for that killer pass and can hold the ball till the players get forward but he certainly isn’t the most prolific striker. He does manage to add up assists and a few goals but I’m scared he doesn’t offer us anything special than what we already have. I also fear for Nicklas Bendtner’s future since Chamakh looks quite similar and with Chamakh scoring a few brownie points because of his experience, we might just be hindering Bendtner’s chances.

If Chamakh does come in I wonder if  Wenger would start Bendtner ahead of Chamakh. With Eduardo,RVP, Vela, Bendtner, Arshavin and Theo all providing us options up front i really don’t see a need for another one. I’d be happy if we brought in a CB or DM instead. But it’s Wenger who is in charge and not me.

Also watching the game last night Yoann Gourcuff seems to be a great player in the mould of Kaka and Zidane. Having just left Milan and signed for Bourdeaux, he certainly won’t be moving anywhere this summer but I’d like to see Arsenal go for him next summer. As for now i’ll be happy with Vieira, a CB and Chamakh.

That’s it for now from ‘MY SCOUTING ‘

PHW makes is too easy for Wenger?

August 10, 2009 3 comments

Good Morning Gooners

It’s been the same thing everyday for Arsenal fans this summer.Rumours/speculation and no real activity. But our manager, chairman and directors have kept us busy with their comments and statements. Yesterday’s statement by Peter Hill Wood has certainly got me wondering if  we lack ambition and that Wenger is enjoying just too much support from the board.PHW last night made it clear that he wants Wenger to stay for a long time and also that the board were happy with a top4 finish.

While all fans would also wish for Wenger to stay incharge at Arsenal considering his record but i certainly don’t like the way he has been managing for the past couple of years. I feel Wenger is just too comfortable in his job to make things happen and there is absolutely no pressure from the board for the lack of silverware. A bit of pressure from board won’t do any harm because at the moment things are just too easy for Wenger. I agree with PHW that football has changed but so has the role of manager and the board. The board has to be a bit stronger and come down hard on the manager for poor results which is certainly not happening at Arsenal. PHW certainly reckons that a top 4 finish is more important than a trophy these days but i don’t really see the point. If he is actually so concerned about money that comes in from a top 4 finish does he not realise that the prize money from wining a trophy is much more than that? Even a FA cup win brings in extra revenue so why not think about paying off debts by actually winning trophies and not by selling players and finishing in the top4 every season?

So i am forced to ask a simple question. What would you fans prefer? A top 4 finish and no trophy or a trophy at any cost?Have your say….

How about some ‘Brede’?..It’s Shopping time for AW.

July 29, 2009 2 comments

Good Morning Gooners!!

Don’t know Why but I am feeling fairly upbeat today, which is rare for an Arsenal fan during the summer transfer window. Maybe because of the fact that Wenger would be more active in the transfer market after Kolo leaves. Well I am still not sure Why…

So our last remaining player from the Invincible season is about the leave us. There’s no doubt that Kolo has given his best years to the club and been a great player for Arsenal. He may not have the pace he once had but still has a few more years left in him. Many fans thought, come what may Kolo will always remain an Arsenal player but as they say “in football nothing is permanent”. I think issues like the bust up with Gallas and not being given the captaincy has affected his performances and it would not be madness to sell him. He will always have the love and support of the Arsenal faithful unlike his soon to be team mate ‘you know who’. The £14m-£16m fee being rumoured is a good deal for us and the player himself, considering he will double his wages at Man City. I’m not entirely pleased about us selling our players within the same league but ManCity are the only club shelling out silly money for players so it leaves us with very few options. So then it’s Farewell Kolo, Good Luck and Goodbye. I will, and I am sure most of the fans will, miss him but life moves on.

How about Hangeland as a replacement? According to his wiki profile .. ..Hangeland plays as a central defender. The tall Norwegian with his characteristic calm nature is known for combining great aerial ability and physical strength with elegant technique and passing ability…  Surely something we need. Right??

Now that we have some-thing in the range of £37m-£40m from the sale of two players it leaves us in a good position to buy the players we need. It would be stupid to assume that Wenger will not bring in a new player because a) We already lacked depth in our squad and are now 2 more players short b)Pre-season fixtures have made Wenger (and everyone ) realize we are still short in 1-2 areas. We know Wenger likes to take his time with transfers, which is not always good, but we have got to give the man some time. I agree that most fans (including me) have been a bit critical about his transfer activities but I think it’s about to change soon. I am 100% sure Wenger has something up his sleeve and is just waiting for the money to be transferred before he makes his move. I think we’ll have atleast one more exit before the season starts which could be either Eboue or Big Phill. 

Is Wenger ready to ‘pull a rabbit outta the hat’ ?

Who could the so called ‘rabbit’ be from Wenger’s Hat? Few names floating around are Huntelaar, Zapata,Hangeland ,Cattermole,Vucinic ,De-Rossi.  Or another ‘Wenger like’ signing ? I’d want at least two players from that list… But again I am not the one in-charge at Arsenal. Not sure How much Wenger would actually want to spend because a certain chunk of the money received will go towards Interest/debt payments. But I think we could very well manage 2 good players in £30m and still have around £10m in the bank. A DM and CB tops the list since we are still short in those areas and sorry to say but Denilson/Diaby/Song are not the solution to our DM problems. They might still step up and surprise everyone but we really can’t wait and watch this season. I think after a run out in Austria Wenger knows what exactly he needs and we might (finally) see some activity. Just wait and watch.

Till then…

Cheers and Keep Gunning!

‘Its not always Sunny at Arsenal’

July 22, 2009 6 comments

In my earlier post today I said I was frustrated about how things were going on at Arsenal and Wenger’s statements were not making me feel any better. So Wenger drops another bombshell.Another ridiculous statement from him now…

“Accidently he[Nasri] nicked the ball away from somebody who was just having a shot on goal. Unfortunately he got kicked and got a broken fibula. Not a complicated one but it will take six weeks to heal.The two options are Tomas Rosicky, and we’ll have Eduardo back in two months but you do not want to lose important players before the season starts.”

Okay so we lose Adebayor and Nasri in one week and we have a replacement coming after two months. Its making me think that Wenger has completely lost it. Yes,there’s been a lot of criticism about Wenger and his summer dealings but he’ll be absolutely murdered by critics if he doesn’t spend now. And hearing statements like the ‘kaka and Ronaldo’ one and this one today makes me wonder if Wenger is in the right frame of mind. Surely you can’t replace Ade and Nasri with a player coming back from injury after a year and a half and the other player not even on the verge of a comeback. It’s about time Wenger used his brains and money. Sure we have enough talent in the squad but we don’t have enough players now. Is he waiting till January to see if these set of players can do anything and only then buy someone on the last day??

Martin Keown said ‘Have faith in Wenger’. I did back in 1996…2004. Its diminishing now…..We are losing quality players and not replacing them.I feel he is concentrating too much on his youth project and ignoring the current situation.Even if he has his targets lined up why isn’t he making a move for them soon. Get them in and give them an opportunity to gel with the team before the season. Or is he thinking he has enough in his reserves to fill the void? I am not getting positive vibes from the Arsenal camp this season. It’s all falling apart and Wenger needs to react fast. Mr Wenger you will soon loose you ‘Professor’ tag and be labelled a ‘mad scientist’ if you don’t stop experimenting with players and actually buy some. We still trust you but that trust won’t last long unless you do something quickly.

Still long time for the tranfer window to close but its not ‘Sunny at Emirates’ this summer ( atleast as of now)!

Read this for some more  ‘Wenger -Do something’

Ade bashing continues…While the Little Mozart is back..

July 15, 2009 6 comments

He’s not gone yet!! Yeah, Ade is still an Arsenal player.Although I feel sorry for him,the poor(soon to be rich) guy would have a major heart-attack if he surfed the internet today.There have been hate emails,anti Ade headlines all around,blog posts bashing him left right and center and comments undermining him not only as a player but as a person. I for one would be sad to see him leave and i have kind of accepted the fact that he will leave in the coming days.But its a shame to see some Arsenal supporters,the same one who were cheering him after his equaliser against Villareal, now coming out with such hatred. I agree he’s not a fans favourite but how can we do this to our own player. No matter how badly he conducts himself,he does score goals for us and is responsible for a lot of wins, how can we stoop so low.Its one thing to voice your opinion and another to abuse someone. Don’t the players deserve some respect.If the fans continue this way, i tell you we will be responsible for a lot players leaving Arsenal.The fans have certainly not helped him this season and with just a bit of more support and more love we could have seen a different Ade. The fans are not called the “12th man” of the team for no reason.Its because we can inspire,encourage and spur them on to succeed. Its almost certain that he will leave us and i fear how we will react if he scores against us come next season. Anyways I am sad to see him leave and i am sure AW will feel the blow if he doesn’t get in another proven striker soon.

In other news former Arsenal player Ray Parlour continued the tradition of bashing Adebayor…

“He was too lazy at times last season and just didn’t do it.“His body language wasn’t great. He has a big contract, which maybe is because he had a good season the year before – but he needs people behind him getting on his back.

“Wenger will not stand in his way because they can get a lot of money for him and then get a very good player to replace him. >

“His attitude amazed me at times last season when he just didn’t put it in. Sometimes if things are not going well for you, you have to show desire.

“At first I heard £30m bandied around, and I’d snap their hand off at that price. Then you go and get an excellent player who will work his socks off.”

Cmon, Leave the guy alone…Most fans have got their wishes true,let him leave in peace. Lets think of  What next for Arsenal rather than barking at Adebayor.

If at all he leaves, we are sure to have a huge boost in our bank balance and I really hope Wenger uses it to the full and not get cheeky by getting some one unknown ( like Chamakh)..Get in Huntelaar if you’ve got the money,the guy is a proven top class striker plus RVP and Huntelaar would really gel together..

Lets see how that goes.In other news the ‘Little Mozart’ could be back in action,against Barnet FC.Its great news !!!The squad anounced for Barnet FC features Dudu , Rosicky and new comer Vermaelen among others.(Almunia, Rosicky, Eduarado, Clichy, Mannone, Gallas, Djourou, Wilshere, Nasri, Denilson, Silvestre, Arshavin, Traore, Senderos and Vermaelen.). The game is on Saturday and will be an indication of what to expect next season.

That’s all for today!!