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Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas – You can leave | Cesc Interview | What do we do now?

June 30, 2011 3 comments

There have been different reports coming out of the media today regarding Cesc’s much talked about move to Barca and Samir Nasri’s reluctance to sign a new contract with us. While I feel the two are top class players and would love to see them at Arsenal next season, I can’t help but feel frustrated and pi**ed at the way the two have conducted themselves over the past couple of months. So Would losing the two in one window be a blow to us? Yes but then you also have to consider the effect the two would be having on the team and dressing room next season if they stayed. It’ll be difficult to replace two quality players like them but I feel it’s about time we acted like a club in charge and let the two go but on our terms. Cesc £50m or £40m+ Keita. Anything less and we’ve been mugged. Same with Nasri, if he isn’t signing a new contract list him on the market and sell him to a club in Italy or Spain for about £20m.I see no point in keeping two players at the club who would clearly want to be playing somewhere else. We are a big club and about time we start acting like one. I’d rather have a decent player giving us his 100% on the pitch and playing his heart out than have two good players sulking and wanting out, playing for us.

Cesc’s recent comments while addressing the media.

Interviewer – Any thoughts on your future ?!
Cesc – “I’m calm and I am optimistic. I have nothing to say and there is nothing to speak of.
“If something happens, it is because it has to happen. For my part, I’ve begun to get in shape, which is what I have to do.
Interviewer – What about rumours that Arsenal are willing to sell you ?!
Cesc – “If a player is on the market it is because the club does not want him. I have no problems.”

Now this seems like he is trying to shift the blame of his likely sale on Arsenal. He has been a great servant for the club but quotes and behavior like this doesn’t seem of a leader. The fans have loved him to the core and have been great to him even after his comments last summer but he is stretching it a bit too far now. He has missed out on the chance to be a club legend with this behavior and also looks like the one to jump ship and prefer a easier way to success than fighting it out. People have been telling me that had we been winning trophies he wouldn’t have asked for a move. I feel that is incorrect. Seems like his heart hasn’t been at Arsenal and even if we had been winning trophies he would have asked for a transfer citing “Needing a new challenge”, “Achieved success with Arsenal now I want to win with Barca” ala Cristiano Ronaldo who moved on saying he needed a new challenge.

Nasri, unlike Cesc, has been very quiet this summer. While he has said nothing on his future I think his reluctance to sign an improved contract shows he wouldn’t mind playing for another club and is clearly being greedy right now. From what I have heard we have offered him £90k pw and he is asking for £110k pw. I think £90k pw is a good deal for a player who has shown glimpses of brilliance but not over a consistent period to merit such a bumper pay rise.

I’ve had enough and it’s time we had players playing their heart out for Arsenal.

Having said that, What do we do if we decide to sell them? Here are a few option which we could go for.

1) Buy another creative midfield player/playmaker in the Fabregas mould. Pastore or Diego may be? Now I know Diego hasn’t had a great season and has gone off the boil a little bit so that could be risky.

There aren’t many players who can match Fabregas’ vision and range of passing so here’s another option

2)Shore up the midfield with Jack Wilshere, Ramsey and a hard tackling DM in the Essien mould and buy two top class wingers. We could change our system and focus on wing play. Now Manchester United didn’t have the most creative midfield last term but had more than decent wingers which racked up important assists and contributed well while their midfield held its own and didn’t lose a lot.

In my opinion if we can shore up our defense which seems like Gary Cahill and Samba’s acquisition could do, we need to add that DM we have been craving for and focus on wingers feeding the likes of Van Persie and Chamakh. Remember you only need that one goal to win a game and if we could be tight defensively I feel players like Wilshere and Ramsey could surely help us set up and score that one goal. Losing Fabregas could also give us a new system to play where each player is equally involved than having everything go through Fabregas.

What do you guys think?

Also reports in the media indicate Gervinho has had his medical and will soon be unveiled as an Arsenal player. Lets kick off this busy summer!

Keep Gunning!!

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Wenger on the right path + Fab/Senderos news

August 5, 2009 Leave a comment

I wish i could just wake up and it would be 1st september. Why? Simply because i am sick of silly rumours,speculation and Arsenal’s lack of transfer activity. I wish i wake up on September 1st and see that we have 9 points from our first 3 PL games, have qualified for the CL and still have our captain and the whole team with a new CB and a DM. But again it’s not a perfect world specially for Arsenal fans.

Starting off with today’s news/rumours/speculation/gossip. Milan are reportedly preparing a £30m bid for Arsenal captain Fabregas.It’s ridiculous to even give the news/rumour a second thought. There is no way in this world that Wenger would sell his most experienced defender,midfielder and a not-so bad striker in the same summer. So we’ll just say “buzz off” to Milan and continue with our business.

Senderos is still at the club. Not too sure for how long but it’s just a matter of time before a club anounces it officially. Talking of defenders and going by news yesterday Arsene Wenger has had a bid of £7m for Fazio rejected by Sevilla. The guy is 6ft 5in and is apparently a no-nonsense defender with great aerial ability. Even if the bid has been rejected there is one positive to take from it. Arsene Wenger has atleast got it right this time. He’s realised that a defender is what we need and is making some moves to make sure a defender is in. I hope Wenger does sign a good CB and we’ll be one step away from glory.

Also Wenger has called off the chase for Chamakh. I have mixed feelings about that.Why? I’m happy because we are not signing an over-rated,not so great diver and sad because if he’s not after Chamakh most likely his other option is no-one. Even though the reports are saying that we would sign Kalou instead of Chamakh. I doubt Chelsea would sell him and also Wenger doesn’t need another player like Theo,Arshavin and Vela  who can play on either wings and as a striker. If at all we need a back up we need some-one who is an out ‘n’ out striker.

Also hearing Tomas Rosicky hit back at Kolo Toure regarding the lack of leadership at Arsenal has made me feel a lot better. We need players like these and i really really hope Tomas stays fit all season and helps us achieve some silverware ( does not include the emirates cup).

If you were at Members Day yesterday you would have enjoyed and if you were not there you can always check out the pic on

More on the transfers as and when (if ) they happen..

Till Then

Cheers and Keep Gunning.

‘It’s my way or the highway’….+ Good business,now for some buying please!!

Good Morning Gooners!!

It was quite an eventful evening yesterday. Kolo Toure passed a medical and was unveiled as a ManCity player while Arsenal won their pre-season fixture against Hannover (1-0).

So Kolo is out and going by the events at the end of the Hannover game it looks like Eboue is also on his way out too. Say what you like about Wenger but you got to applaud the man for one thing.The players allowed to leave this season are the ones which were causing problems in the dressing room and unhappy about something or the other. While ‘you know who’ was a bad influence in the dressing room, Kolo was not getting along with our best defender Gallas and Eboue was unhappy at not being in the starting line up often. So Wenger has made it clear that ‘Its my way or the highway’.

But having said that it’s time for Wenger to actually make a statement to the other clubs as well. It’s about time we spent some money and bought quality players. I remeber Wenger saying “We have 7 CB’s in the team ….”etc. Mr Wenger its quality and not quantity that matters(I wouldn’t even count Silvestre as a CB). Now that we have money to spend and we could get a couple of good players in before the season starts.I hope he does or it will be another disappointing season at The Emirates.

About the game last evening. It was a quite comfartable 1-0 win for the team. Fabregas’ goal scoring return the only highlight of the game. The squad returns to london today and will be gearing up for the Emirates Cup which will be a sterner test for the team and Wenger. Also expect some activity in the transfer market since the squad is back in London and have had the much needed boost in bank balance.

Before i sign off, a word on PV and rumours about Wenger trying to bring him to Arsenal. Well if Schumacher can return to F1 to help his team Ferrari …Why can’t Vieira return to help us…!! Even if its a way to stop him from going to Sp*ds i think it would be a good deal for the club. Like i said in one of my earlier posts PV still has a few years left in him and would be great for the development of Song,Diaby and Denilson. He might not be the same player he once was but his experience would help the team on and off the field.

On that though..I sign off…More as an when something interesting crops up…

Till then..

Cheers and Keep Gunning!

Morning dose of Arsenal News for all you Gooners!!

July 12, 2009 3 comments

Round Up of Arsenal News!

Reports suggest that  Arsenal are closing in on Matuidi and have also lined up Ever Banega of Argentina as back up incase Matuidi decides to go elsewhere.

(I hope the reports turn out to rubbish because the last thing we need is another 21-22 year old midfielder. We certainly have a lot of players in that category already. )

In other reports the ”Not so Fan favourite”  Mikael Silvestre might be on his way out of Emirates this season with French Champions Bordeuax lining up a bid for the former Manchester United defender.

(He’s certainly dropped down the pecking order after the arrival of Thomas Vermaelen.This is one rumour all gooners would be hoping to be true. )

Another defender who might be heading towards the exit door is Senderos with Blackburn keen to sign the defender for £5m.

Also Arshavin has re-iterated his commitment to the club but has warned that the tax laws in England could lead to an exodus of star players.

(Asking for a pay hike?? …Not sure.. Anyways looking forward to have him in the champions league this season)

Real Madrid have issued a statement that they would not be pursuing Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas this season.

(Yeah, right as if we would have listened to their offer…… Buzz of Perez)

Arsenal target Brede Hangeland has been tipped to stay at his current club.

(We don’t need a defender do we?? )

Robin Van Persie has said that he rejected offers from Manchester City, Chelsea, Juventus and Inter Milan before signing an extension at Arsenal.

(Now that’s the way to go about it….. Van you are the Man for Arsenal…..Cheers)

Following the rejection of his proposal, Mr Usmanov cast doubt on the club’s ability to provide enough money for the team to challenge for honours

(The guy just doesn’t give up…..)

 Also check out if the tussle going on in the Arsenal boardroom is good for the club? Is it a blessing in disguise



 Arsenal players seem charged up and hungry for success this season. They are all ready to shed their “under achievers” tag and get their hands on some silverware .Seeing Manchester United players celebrate after their game against Arsenal must surely have inspired them to do something of the same sort. It would be good to see the young guns come blazing out and hungry as ever for a title. That’s exactly what Ramsey, Theo ,RVP and Almunia have in their minds. All these players in their respective interviews have come out and made clear their desire and ambition to end the trophy drought this season. Provided with some luck and no injuries the players are confident of success.

Theo to Arsenal Magazine: “It was a good learning curve for us all, but next year it is all about the trophies. Hopefully we have had the years of experience now and can bring something back for the fans. For me it was an up-and-down season – you are never really going to have a perfect one, but I am happy that my [shoulder] injury has gone so that I can come back to Arsenal and win things.”

 Each of these players was part of the team that lost the semi final of the Champions league and the FA cup and are looking to go one step further and winning this season. They have all experienced heart break at the penultimate hurdle and now know what exactly it takes to win a trophy. With very few ( rather no ) exits and 1-2 players coming in we might be in for a successful season ahead.

Cesc for 40 million- Another Piece of Crap from “The Sun“

July 6, 2009 7 comments


Good morning Gooners!

I promised  not to write about stupid rumours published in “The Sun “  but then I just couldn’t let them get away . Why is it that the media is so crazy about selling Arsenal players to other clubs. I don’t remember a time when I read a “Michael Carrick to Chelsea” or “Wayne Rooney to Real Madrid “ . To be honest I am sick of reading rumours about Arsenal players for sale and etc etc.  This type of crap appears more and more in “The Sun” than any other paper. I’ve got so frustrated with this that I am thinking of starting  a campaign “Shun the Sun”. Last week they came up with “Arshavin to Barcelona” and the week before that “Cesc wants Barcelona or Real Madrid move”. Its almost as if these tabloids are paid to publish news about Arsenal . Surely the players don’t take these headlines seriously but it does create an atmosphere of uncertainity. Its only a matter of  time


before Fabregas or Arsenal issue a statement denying these rumors , showing that they do get affected by these. I want them to stop doing that everytime there’s a rumour and just ignore it. I remember Arsene saying that he does not want to sell any of his players and its only ridiculous if the papers say Wenger is ready to sell his Captain. He even went on to say that he doesn’t want to be in a situation like last year where he lost 2-3 players and had to start rebuilding the team.  I mean does it even make sense for the tabloids to come up with that piece of crap. Just to add to that, the price tag mentioned is also ridiculous. If Benzema is worth £ 30m there is no way that Arsenal would evaluate Cesc at £40m . It’s a fact that Wenger doesn’t have a lot of cash to spend on players , but to cash in on Fabregas is just stupid.Well I don’t really want to spoil my day with all these rubbish rumours. Moving on to something nice to hear…..Arsenal’s pre-season training starts soon and all the player will be back from their holidays and gearing up for the season ahead.I’m sure would post a few pictures of the players in training. So its going to be good to see the players enjoying. Also expect a few surprises in the transfer market with Wenger keen on bringing all the players in before pre-season fixtures. Oh.. I forgot…. some really good news, Tomas Rosicky is back in training and I am sure  he will be rearing to play some real football. That’s it for now. I’ll keep posting with the latest news.

Cheers!  🙂