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Anti-Arsenal Brigade Is Out Again…..Time for true ‘Arsenalisation’

August 28, 2009 3 comments

It’s ridiculous how this one dive is making more headlines than Eduardo’s horrific leg break.It all began with a dodgy penalty decision against Celtic and now it’s been made into an issue as if Eduardo murdered someone on the field in front of 60,000 people. To add to that UEFA have now stepped in to look into the matter and take a decision whether to ban Eduardo or not. It’s certainly not the first time a player has dived ( which is still not sure) but it is the first time that UEFA are acting on a suggestion from some football association chief. The Celts have really not taken the defeat very well which is showing off in their behaviour. Cry Babies!!

As if the penalty is all that separated the two teams over the two fixtures. Having said that UEFA have quite expectedly fired up Wenger who has come out all guns blazing against UEFA. I agree with Wenger on that, it is being blown out of proportion just because the Bhoys couldn’t accept their defeat. There are 100-150 dives every weekend in football games and yet this one makes all the headlines. Rooney,Gerrard,Drogba and Oh how can i forget,Ronaldo, have mastered the art over the years and have gone unpunished a number of times and yet a player from Arsenal is charged for the very first time by looking at a not so conclusice TV replay.

It all makes me wonder if there is a campaign against Arsenal which teams and managers and the media have used over the years to unsettle us. I remember how William Gallas’ outburst against Birmingham was made such a big issue and it went all downhill from there on. Mind games are different and accusing players is another thing. I am not sure what effect this is going to have on the team ahead of the all important clash against ManU but I hope it’s not a bad one. Wenger,Nik B and Denilson have come out in the defence of Eduardo and I think it’s good to see the team spirit in there. If anything I can only hope this issue makes the team even stronger and more hungry for success.  I genuinely believe that there should be an appeal against the decision if there is one against Eduardo.UEFA need to be consistent and not take this one off issue and deal with it to tell the fans how much they care about football.Michael Platini who has said that he would have dived if he was in place of Eduardo should be the first one to be kicked out of UEFA because of his anti-English team nature.

Having said that I really hope the fans going to OT for the weekend game support the team like never before. Let’s show them what the fans can do for the team. That in my eyes would be true ‘Arsenalisation’.


Spare the Guy….We won 5-1…Move on to the next game!

August 27, 2009 3 comments

We have finally qualified for the champions league and showed everyone that we can compete well even with all the summer departures and lack of new signings. F*ck we never get credit for anything. As I woke up and read the news paper today all I could read was headlines calling Eduardo a cheat,diver blah blah blah…Did they forget we won 5-1? Did they forget that Celtic were totally outclassed even with all the stars missing from yesterday’s line up? I say let them do the crap talking, we have qualified for the CL, have got the qualification money in the bag and are doing pretty well.

Talking of yesterday’s game I was a bit surprised by the line up considering Wenger’s statement regarding the importance of the game. It was pretty much over when we won the first leg 2 nil but it was a risk to start with such a line up. Again it was proved that Wenger does know what he is doing. We won comfortably and dominated the game. I think Eboue has had a nice pep talk delivered to him by Wenger which is certainly showing off in his performances. It’s great news that he will be staying with us. His finishing and overall game has improved a great deal and I can see him playing a very important role this campaign.Also Eduardo looked great as did Nicklas Bendtner. Bendtner’s clever flick which resulted in the 2nd goal was a treat to watch and as was Arshavin’s finishing. The guy is true class and show what great players can do. Note to Wenger: Buying experienced and true class players is a good idea! Should do it more. As far as defenders are concerned Vermaelen and Gallas seemed to be a match made in heaven. They look good every game but really need to stop switching off towards the end and stop teams from scoring that ‘consolation’ goal.

Star of the Match: Eboue.

Coming back to the topic which interests everyone this morning.Sure it was not a penalty.But did you see Eduardo asking for the penalty? Did he do a “Ballack” style run towards the official? Did he cry and moan about it? If Eduardo gets a ban for that I think Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo should be banned for life. You got to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. FFS he suffered a horrific leg break a year back and might be a case where he was being cautious and trying to get out of the way and fell. I really don’t think it should be made such a huge issue since it really didn’t matter much. 5-1 was the final score line and I really didn’t see Celtic creating too many opportunities to actually make it difficult for us.

Anyway we looked solid at the back,midfielders also put in a good shift and strikers also did well. No complaints really but it’s how we perform on Saturday is what is going to matter the most and give an indication of what to expect. I’m sure we’ll be having Arshavin,RVP and hopefully Cesc back in the line up for the trip to OT.

Cheers and Keep Gunning!

Pre-season + ‘Ins & Outs’ + Vermaelen…

Dudu fires as Nikki continues fine form…

Szombatheyli 0-  5 Arsenal


Bendtner (17) & (44)

Eduardo (24) & (39)

Van Persie (66)(p)

Eduardo and Nikki B each bagged a brace as Arsenal beat Szombatheyli, 5-0 in their pre-season fixture. With rumours about Kolo Toure on his way to Manchester City already, it was pleasing for some fans to see the Ivorian in the starting XI.Eduardo also returned to the starting line-up clearing all doubts regarding his fitness. Young Italian Vito Manone started in goal in place of Manuel Almunia for the 1st half. Arsenal were not at their best in the opening minutes but soon found their goal scoring touch when Bendtner nodded home a precise Traore cross to put the visitors ahead. Eduardo then scored in the 24th minute showing just how clinical he can be in front of goal. Dudu then scored from a free kick and Nikki added his second as Arsenal turned the screws on their opponents. The score at half time read a flattering 4-0 to the visitors. As expected, a number of changes were made at half time with RVP and Arshavin coming on to add more firepower. Unfortunately there were not many goals in the second half but RVP did score from the spot to seal off a comfortable win. Arsenal thus continued their good pre-season form with Nicklas Bendtner surely raising expectations in the coming season. With Nikki B re-iterating his desire to stay at Arsenal I think he’s ready to step up and be counted this term. Cheers to the Gunners!

Although a sterner test awaits the Gunners in the Emirates Cup, which will be their last opportunity to get some match fitness and form before the season. Ramsey, Diaby, Nicklas Bendtner have all shown good form and I am sure they will have a greater role to play once the season begins and as Arsenal look to end the trophy drought.  With Arsenal not yet done with their transfer dealings it remains to be seen which players will feature in the Emirates Cup but the players sure to be playing a part are Fabregas, Theo and Rosicky which will surely make it all the more interesting.  

Ins and Outs

The rumoured ‘Outs’ are Toure and Eboue  with Toure looking increasingly likely to leave this week. There’s nothing official yet but the rumours circulating are surely indicating that. On the other hand the ‘Ins’  would be appealing to the fans as Arsenal are hunting for Huntelaar. Not a word on it by Wenger as usual but it is still something to look forward to in the transfer market. As happy as I am for Eduardo’s return and form I still want Wenger to invest in a striker. Although going by the look of things, ie Nikki B , Dudu and RVP’s form in pre-season and also having Arshavin and Vela to fill in as a striker I just think Wenger might be tempted not to spend on one. If not I hope he does on  a DM and a CB (if Toure leaves). Cattermole is being touted as a possible signing which could be worth the shot. Although I am not a fan of having another not-so experienced midfielder coming in.

“I can be good in the EPL”

Thomas Vermaelen thinks that he can really be a hit in the English game. Even though critics and Arsenal great Tony Adams have said that Thomas lacks the height to make it. Going by his words I think Arsenal have found the answer to their defensive problems.

 “I’m not so tall, I know. So you have to be good at reading the game.But I think my heading game is good. I have a good jump and that’s positive if you are a centre-back. On the field its very important to be smart and thinking all the time. I will always give 100percent whether in games or training. In terms of attributes, I think I am decent in the air and technically, and I always want to battle on the pitch.”

Wise words from a wise man. Looking forward to seeing more of our new signing.

Till then…

Keep Gunning!