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Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas – You can leave | Cesc Interview | What do we do now?

June 30, 2011 3 comments

There have been different reports coming out of the media today regarding Cesc’s much talked about move to Barca and Samir Nasri’s reluctance to sign a new contract with us. While I feel the two are top class players and would love to see them at Arsenal next season, I can’t help but feel frustrated and pi**ed at the way the two have conducted themselves over the past couple of months. So Would losing the two in one window be a blow to us? Yes but then you also have to consider the effect the two would be having on the team and dressing room next season if they stayed. It’ll be difficult to replace two quality players like them but I feel it’s about time we acted like a club in charge and let the two go but on our terms. Cesc £50m or £40m+ Keita. Anything less and we’ve been mugged. Same with Nasri, if he isn’t signing a new contract list him on the market and sell him to a club in Italy or Spain for about £20m.I see no point in keeping two players at the club who would clearly want to be playing somewhere else. We are a big club and about time we start acting like one. I’d rather have a decent player giving us his 100% on the pitch and playing his heart out than have two good players sulking and wanting out, playing for us.

Cesc’s recent comments while addressing the media.

Interviewer – Any thoughts on your future ?!
Cesc – “I’m calm and I am optimistic. I have nothing to say and there is nothing to speak of.
“If something happens, it is because it has to happen. For my part, I’ve begun to get in shape, which is what I have to do.
Interviewer – What about rumours that Arsenal are willing to sell you ?!
Cesc – “If a player is on the market it is because the club does not want him. I have no problems.”

Now this seems like he is trying to shift the blame of his likely sale on Arsenal. He has been a great servant for the club but quotes and behavior like this doesn’t seem of a leader. The fans have loved him to the core and have been great to him even after his comments last summer but he is stretching it a bit too far now. He has missed out on the chance to be a club legend with this behavior and also looks like the one to jump ship and prefer a easier way to success than fighting it out. People have been telling me that had we been winning trophies he wouldn’t have asked for a move. I feel that is incorrect. Seems like his heart hasn’t been at Arsenal and even if we had been winning trophies he would have asked for a transfer citing “Needing a new challenge”, “Achieved success with Arsenal now I want to win with Barca” ala Cristiano Ronaldo who moved on saying he needed a new challenge.

Nasri, unlike Cesc, has been very quiet this summer. While he has said nothing on his future I think his reluctance to sign an improved contract shows he wouldn’t mind playing for another club and is clearly being greedy right now. From what I have heard we have offered him £90k pw and he is asking for £110k pw. I think £90k pw is a good deal for a player who has shown glimpses of brilliance but not over a consistent period to merit such a bumper pay rise.

I’ve had enough and it’s time we had players playing their heart out for Arsenal.

Having said that, What do we do if we decide to sell them? Here are a few option which we could go for.

1) Buy another creative midfield player/playmaker in the Fabregas mould. Pastore or Diego may be? Now I know Diego hasn’t had a great season and has gone off the boil a little bit so that could be risky.

There aren’t many players who can match Fabregas’ vision and range of passing so here’s another option

2)Shore up the midfield with Jack Wilshere, Ramsey and a hard tackling DM in the Essien mould and buy two top class wingers. We could change our system and focus on wing play. Now Manchester United didn’t have the most creative midfield last term but had more than decent wingers which racked up important assists and contributed well while their midfield held its own and didn’t lose a lot.

In my opinion if we can shore up our defense which seems like Gary Cahill and Samba’s acquisition could do, we need to add that DM we have been craving for and focus on wingers feeding the likes of Van Persie and Chamakh. Remember you only need that one goal to win a game and if we could be tight defensively I feel players like Wilshere and Ramsey could surely help us set up and score that one goal. Losing Fabregas could also give us a new system to play where each player is equally involved than having everything go through Fabregas.

What do you guys think?

Also reports in the media indicate Gervinho has had his medical and will soon be unveiled as an Arsenal player. Lets kick off this busy summer!

Keep Gunning!!

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[Photo] Samir Nasri- the road to recovery.

July 27, 2009 1 comment
Samir Nasri with Girlfriend Tatiana Golovin

Samir Nasri with Girlfriend Tatiana Golovin


Here’s wishing Samir Nasri a speedy recovery . Hope to see you back in an Arsenal shirt soon!

Get Well Soon..We will miss you


Image Courtesy:DailyMail

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Déjà vu ….Oh!!Would you please buy some players now…Wenger!!

July 22, 2009 1 comment

Good Morning Gooners!

Let’s start brightly with the fact that Arsenal won yesterday’s friendly against SC Columbia.7-1. Ramsey,RVP,Bendtner scoring braces and Gallas chipping in with his bit. It would have been more flattering if we had won 27-0 like Villareal did the other day in their pre-season fixture. Still I am happy with the fact that Ramsey,RVP,Vermaelen,Nicky and Djourou got a nice 45 minutes under their belt. I’m a bit concerned about Almunia seeing his performance yesterday and even against Barnet FC. But I do believe he will come good once the season starts.Let’s hope he does because with him not in form and Fabianski injured we only have the young Italian Vito as back up.

Coming down to the sad news of yesterday. Samir Nasri got injured during training and will be out for 2-3months. Déjà vu ..Arsenal Fans….. RVP injured during international friendly, Theo dislocates shoulder during training, Rosicky out for 2 months (which ended up being a year and half), Eduardo out for 4 months etc. These headlines have now become quite familiar and we fans kind of expect it coming sometime or the other. (I wish I could just switch off my mind and t.v/laptop and resume only in August.)

I really feel sad about it though. Samir had a nice first season and seemed he would step it up a notch this season. A broken leg is what is being said about the injury which does rule him out till November. But our players do heal at snail’s pace so I’ll add another 2-3 weeks to that estimate. It’s not horrific as Eduardo’s but it’s still a setback for the guy, the team and the fans. So that’s our 1st injury of the new season. Unfortunately even before the season starts.

So What now for Wenger? What does he do? Is he going to come out and say we have players like Diaby,Arshavin,Theo,Vela,Eboue and Rosicky who can play in that position and so he’s relaxed about it? Or Is he going to say that when Nasri comes back in January he will be like a new signing and so he doesn’t need to spend now?

Just so that you know Mr Wenger, that playing players out of their main position and relying on Rosicky, who’s just kicked a ball after a year and a half, doesn’t sound very comforting for the fans.What is it with Wenger and his thinking that whatever he does is the best? It’s about time he realized that he needs to replace players when needed, not react after seeing his team do badly for half the season and then panicking in January. In one of my previous articles I said we are still 2 players short for challenging the likes of Chelsea,Liverpool and Man U. Now I think that number has gone up. There is something about injuries and Arsenal. It looks more like an Injury FC than Arsenal FC. Going by this, Wenger should have at least 3 players for each position. One main player for a position,one back up and another back up for the backup… I’m sounding crazy here but we need that if our players keep falling like 9 pins.

I say let’s forget about pre-season fixtures and training. Let’s bubble wrap Rosicky, Fabregas, RVP and Arshavin till our fixture against Everton. It won’t happen but it’s a crazy idea from a frustrated Arsenal fan.Also I am not too sure about how the injury was caused but reading a few comments on some websites it seems like a tackle from Diaby. I am not blaming the guy or something because I am not sure about it. Again I really wouldn’t bet against it. We all know what he did with John Terry and Wesley Sneijder. Anyways how Nasri got injured is still a mystery so I will give Diaby the benefit of the doubt. But I am not a fan of Diaby and he’s never looked like being the Patrick Viera of our team. He does perform well in pre-season like he has been doing for the past 2 years but when it comes down to the real deal he is either injured or plays rubbish. Apart from the goal against Liverpool in CL the season before, I really can’t think of anything he has done for us. I wouldn’t mind if he was sold. I’m sure the likes of Bolton or even a Rugby team would like to buy him. Sell him and use the cash.

Wake up Wenger, Wake Up!! It’s about time you spent some money…Else Arsenal will struggle for a top four finish.

Before I sign off, I wish Samir Nasri a speedy recovery. We’ll miss U Samir. Get Well Soon!


PS:I’m a bit frustrated today about the way things have been going on and also Wenger’s statements don’t make me feel any better.Lets hope  for some good news from Arsenal today!!


July 21, 2009 1 comment

Its kind of sad, and if you still haven’t heard about it here’s the shock. Nasri will be out for about 2-3 months after getting injured during a training session in Austria.

A statement on Arsenal’s website said,

Samir Nasri has sustained a fractured fibula during this morning’s training session at the Club’s pre-season training camp in Austria.”The midfielder will be out of action for two to three months.”

I still can’t understand why Arsenal players get injured so often. Going by this, Wenger should have at least 3 players for each position.  One main player for a position,one back up and another back up for the backup… I’m sounding crazy here but we need that if our players keep falling like 9 pins.

Its really sad because I was expecting to see a lot from Nasri this season. He had a good 1st season and now it was time for him to just notch up another level. But well, we won’t see him for sometime now. 2-3 months the website says but going by the injury record of Arsenal players I would add an extra month to that. Our players do heal at  snail’s pace. Well atleast now we have Rosicky fit. Let’s just forget about pre-season and just focus on keeping players fit till our fixture against Everton. It won’t happen but it’s a crazy idea from a frustrated Arsenal fan.

So is Wenger going to spend on a replacement for Nasri or is he going to say we have enough in our squad and we will replace him from within our reserves.??? Will he say we have Vela,Diaby and Arshavin who can play in that position?? Or is Wenger going to come out in January and say a fit Nasri is like a new signing ??

Surely if Wenger comes up with that I will personally write a letter to Peter Hill Wood asking him to sack Wenger

Wake up Wenger, Wake Up!! Its time you spend some money…or else Arsenal will struggle for a top four finish or maybe even a Europa league spot.

Lets pray for Nasri and also hope Wenger gets his senses back!